Right Brain, Left Brain, No Time

A bout of insomnia got me out of bed around 4 am looking for a quiet, useful way to waste the hours until the rest of my minimally-peopled world awoke. The rabbits attacked and twisted and turned between my shuffling feet, recognizing the opportunity, correctly, as another chance to mooch treats.

I decided to accomplish what I keep postponing – I’m starting a blog – and that means I want to jump “write” in. It doesn’t work that way. So this morning I’ve read a dozen blogs, viewed every possible free blog site, analyzed the recommendations from friends against the hopes for my blog and sorted through hundreds of templates. Would a template even work – mine is meant to be special and a template by its very nature cannot be unique.

Getting late, my husband had left for work already and I realized the value of compromise. I chose a flexible format, that does NOT come from the “most popular theme/appearance” category. 

 It’s 9:30 am by the time I reached this line and I am bored with the computer and my neck is cramped so I am scrapping the research on lateral functions of the brain and just adding these highly “scientific” tests I found on the web (so it must be true) so you, kind reader, can figure out for yourself whether you lead with logic or imagination, whether you’re the go-to person for details or the big picture and we can discuss that next time, maybe. But here’s a teaser: I am always, always both, with only as little as one point variation at any given time.    It’s 10:18 and I haven’t found the perfect links.


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