The Miracle of the Poop Circle

The little drummer boy played his drums because it was all he had. Mystic and Bullwinkle gave me their best efforts for my birthday despite their lack of gold and myrrh and opposable thumbs, and being hampered by a brain the size of a raisin if a raisin is 5 cm and weighs 12 grams* and I received it with the same gratitude and awe that the drummer boy received.
At eight past midnight I shuffled into the bedroom with two last tasks on my mind….medicate Mystic (Californian 10lber recovering from a year long battle with eye ulcers) including the fabulous timothy cube treat portion of the medication procedure, and one final cleaning of the cage. It did in fact seem like “miles to go before I sleep” because I’d been working for hours on my computer and had enjoyed both a Prosecco and a Chardonnay with a fabulous birthday eve dinner my husband and I shared at newly found, (and now a new marketing client) restaurant.
My first thought as I approached the cage was frustration – somebunny had missed not only the litter box but also the entire 48” cage. I had my suspicions who but no proof. But as I moved closer my mind started churning through the late night fog – what is it about this that seems weird – and then it hit me…the rabbit, or maybe both though that seems even more incredible, had pooped in a neat circle. How could they do that? (This morning as I recounted this to my husband who’d slept through the miracle, he suggested it might be the answer to crop circles though I doubt it because it seems like a different process altogether). I’d never seen this before in the 7 years I’ve had free ranging house rabbits, and how telling that it happened at midnight (okay a little past), because that seems to be a pretty standard time for miracles, and it happened just 8 minutes into my birthday. Definitely, a present from my warren. But who would believe me. With a camera battery recharging all the way downstairs I took a risk, left the site and flew downstairs, hoping beyond hope that Mystic now frantically ”figure eighting” because she didn’t get her expected treat, would not destroy the evidence. But rationalizing that it would be okay, if she did wreck it, because maybe it was meant only for me and I shouldn’t try to exploit it like those people with the toast images of the Holy Family.”
Camera-ready in front of the cage and I noticed two pooplets had in fact been kicked from the circle but otherwise it was in good shape – so full disclosure here, I moved them back with a very long piece of hay. That’s when I thought – hmmm, maybe it’s not the circle – the sign of never ending commitment like a wedding band, maybe it’s a naïve heart shape…and to that I say ”I love you, too, my beautiful babies and the God that created you.” And I share my photos with you.

*size and weight provided by this website…http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/bb/kinser/Size1.html

© September 10, 2010 by Alison Colby-Campbell

Mystic & Bullwinkle - deciding what to do for my birthday

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