Prove you know “Jacks”.  If you follow me on Linked In or FaceBook, you know I’ve received a win or honorable mention in the Boston.com/Boston Globe Cartoon Caption Contest about a dozen times in the last 12 months.  Sometimes the illustrations just “speak” to me.  So I am thinking, it’s time the worm turns, so to speak.  I am inviting all my very talented friends and readers to come up with a caption (25 words or fewer) for the orange faces that spoke to me Saturday when I returned from Podcamp NH 2010. Less creative friends and readers are invited to comment and choose a favorite from the work of others. I had an immediate reaction to the faces I saw staring back at me (handcrafted by Leisa Campbell)  and the type of conversation the two might have. So speak up for those who can’t and tell me  what is on their gooey minds.

RULES & STUFF:  All submissions must be received by Friday October 29, 12 Midnight EST.  Judging by readers by Wednesday November 3, 5pm EST. Prize for first place winner only:  (also the only prize aside from heartfelt appreciation for your efforts): One (1) treat bag full of mini candies including stuff I actually like but promise not to eat before sending the treat bag to you. Winner will be contacted for a land mail address.  All entries, comments and votes MUST BE MADE ON THE BLOG  to be considered (i.e.: not on Facebook).  Extra point to contestants for each of the following:  “Like” Brain4Rent blog, subscribe to Brain4Rent blog.  Enter as often as your brain allows you to come up with new ideas, invite your friends to vote for you.  No profanity, or obscenity.

(c)2010 by Alison Colby-Campbell


  1. OK here goes –
    “Leaves AGAIN!@?! I don’t want no stinkin leaves”
    “But honey, doesn’t the fact that this time we’re having RED leaves count for something?”


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