HELP WANTED – Need at Least 50 Ways to Stop Kicking Myself After Screwing Up

The "Could Have Been"

“I coulda been a contenda!”
Is it possible to fully comprehend that statement, without being the cause of one’s own failure?
Today I was notified that I won an honorable mention in a photo contest. That sounds so exciting to an enthusiastic amateur photographer and I am very grateful for that honor.

The Honorable Spiderweb

But, and here’s the kicker, I’d asked for judges feedback and I got it. I now know that I would have fared better had I isolated a photo from my collage rather than making a compilation of all the great times and different seasons offered by the waterways of Middleton, MA, in the Stream Team Photo Contest. Not only that, I was committed to trying something different because I’d seemed stalled at 3rd place and wanted to bring more to the game. And in so doing I made the choice to not use my favorite single photo from the collage as my second entry because it was featured too prominently in the collage. And even my 14 year old stepdaughter advised me not to do it. Yup, it’s all on me.

So dear readers I am trying to implement every vaguely remembered yoga move to kick myself in the appropriate places (fortunately I am not too flexible but I could throw a hip out) for over thinking the job, while at the same time acknowledging my husband’s fabulous talent (he took 3rd and an honorable mention).

The Bad Decision

 Now can someone please give suggestions to get me out of this funk and to absorb the appropriate lessons?

© 2010 Alison Colby-Campbell

3 thoughts on “HELP WANTED – Need at Least 50 Ways to Stop Kicking Myself After Screwing Up”

  1. My feeling here is that you have just experienced success. You set a goal of trying something new, and you achieved that. The additional bonus is the lesson learned to not sacrifice your aesthetic principles or instincts. So it’s a win-win. There is always peace in perspective.
    In addition, these photos are so gorgeous; certainly, you will find an opportunity to use them in another venue.


  2. Betty you are such a supportive friend, but I still wanted the 50 bucks hence the need for 50 ways to stop kicking myself. Honey Shames left a facebook message saying I should tie my shoelaces together….that was worth a big out loud laugh …thanks again A


  3. Less is more. 🙂 or As my Life is Good t-shirt artwork shows– Less is s’more (with appropriately cute illustration of a delicious-looking s’more.) Anyway, Cheers to you for pushing the envelope. Now you know, they don’t want their envelope pushed. Keep clicking…


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