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A Photographic Ode to Summer’s Gift of Flowers

“In summer, the song sings itself.” ~William Carlos Williams

One fall day while helping to plant almost 300 bulbs in my sister’s yard, she explained to me that planting bulbs was the perfect act of faith.  Faith that these unappealing lumps would magically transform into something vibrant and beautiful, and faith that she would be there to see them.  The following spring nearly every bulb sprout had been eaten by deer. 

I’d like to think the deer had faith, too.  “If I make it through this dreadful winter, the Supreme Being will provide for me with the most wonderfully abundant, tasty and colorful meal.” 

Karen didn’t see it that way.




Click below for my photographic ode to summer flowers on youtube featuring the wonderful George Lyons performing  “Summer Wind”. 


(c)2011 by Alison Colby-Campbell

5 thoughts on “A Photographic Ode to Summer’s Gift of Flowers”

  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful music, beautiful quotes. Nicely done! And I LOVE the intro story. So true, and so typical!


  2. A funny but philosophical tale as well, Alison.
    The glass is empty, but oh dear, Bambi’s stuffed.
    Well, not really. 😉
    Thanks for utilizing my version of “Summer Wind!”
    Love ya, George


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