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Perfection, like Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and wait ‘til you behold these beauties!!! 


It’s time to fall in love with these photos!!  I am super stoked to see that we got submissions from individuals as far away as Colorado, Oregon, Mississippi, Florida, New York, Maine and, of course as close by as my neighborhood (thanks, Brianna, for being the first to enter) and New Hampshire.  Leaves were found in rural, suburban and urban areas.  And while I know this fine contest will need refining especially in timing and displaying disparate-sized pics in the same category, overall, I hope the first ever, One Perfect Fall Leaf -24-Hour Photo Contest (c) (soon to be an annual event) encouraged you to get outside and witness the beauty just laying around or dangling tentatively from a branch.  Even a simple leaf in the parking lot provides lots to admire; so before you break out the rakes and cart them away, remember to take a look.  In the future, the 24-hour time limit will be more strictly enforced and evenly distributed.  It helps level the playing field.

It’s now up to you, dear readers, to make your choices known.  

  1.  You can ONLY vote by leaving a comment on my blog NOT on Facebook or other sites where I promote the blog. 
  2. You must vote once in each color category.  So in the end you will have voted four times:  Once each for reds, oranges, yellows and multi-coloreds.  Photos are displayed in the order in which I received them.
  3.  Identify your photo preference by using the entry numbers at the bottom in the caption of each picture. 
  4. Choose wisely, duplicate votes from one person will be disregarded.
  5. Encouraging your friends to vote for you or your favorite photo is strongly advised. You need not have entered to vote.
  6. Voting deadline is Thursday, October 27 at 12 noon EST.


When category votes are tallied, you will be encouraged to return to the blog to pick the Best In Contest grand prize winner from among the category first place photos.

NOTE:  Look for the snow creature photo contest coming this winter.


R-1 Pete Poulsen


R-2 FINALIST David Sheehan (leaf on marble)
R-3 Leslie Holmsquist
R-4 Leisa Campbell


Y-1 Briana Molten


Y-2 Marjorie Kaye




Y-4 Denise Hill Standifer


Y-5 Rolan DeLoach Jr


O-1 Keith Garten
O-2 Patrice Fusto FINALIST
M-1 Hillary Lunn


M-2 Lucy & Jennifer Winn
M-3 FINALIST ERIK MUENCH (leaf on a car hood)
M-4 Ann Trainor Domingue

(c) 2011 Contest name, images & text by Alison Colby-Campbell

47 thoughts on “One Perfect Fall Leaf – GRAND CHAMPION WINNER JONATHAN CAMPBELL!”

  1. Red: R-4
    Yellow: Y-3
    Orange: O-2
    Multi: M-3
    overall favorite: Y-3

    I’m having issues with the time pressure of this contest — really stressing me out. Is it winter yet 🙂

    I better get started with my snowman pictures soon!


  2. Alison –here are my votes—R-1; Y-3; O-2; M-1; and overall favorite, O-2. Trish

    This was such a great idea!!!


  3. R-3
    Y-5, though I don’t see this as yellow, if anything its more of a subtle green, but hey, its mine so, I’m votin for it. . .
    My overall favorite is Y-3, that’ll teach ya to let Alison put your entry in the same colour category as mine. . . ; )


  4. From:
    Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 15:33:07 -0400

    I wasn’t sure if you received my email from your email, so just be sure my votes count (I’m unable to open your BLOG at work).


    Love the contest and good luck to the contestants!


  5. Is there going to be a pumpkin carving contest? How about a Halloween candy eating contest? Alison, I am starting to look forward to this!


  6. I love judging! If I had seen the light of day today, I would have loved to have gone on a hunt to enter.
    R-2; Y-3 (which I bet is Jon’s!); O-2; M-3


  7. Thank you all for your votes so far, wow, my blog has never seen such traffic, I guess I know what you guys like, so yes there will be more 24-hour photo contests. But the polls are open til 12noon tomorrow (aka Thursday) so please continue to encourage people to vote. There are some very tight races so those votes will determine the outcome. And yay – thanks again


  8. After some serious deliberation and consideration…here are my votes…….R-1: Y-3: O-2: and M-1……did I mention that I’m color blind?
    nah…only kidding….


  9. Ann Trainor Domingue posted this on the Contest page rather than the results page, but it was on the blog so it still counts and I will repost her vote here
    “Here you go. Hope you’re having fun with this. R4, Y4, O2, M3”
    Thanks for playing Ann


  10. OK – new to this blogging stuff – and I’m an IT guy, but here goes:
    R-4 – Great color contrast to the white birch bark
    Y-2 – Again, great color spectrum
    O-2 – Rich Orange – no mistaking for red or yellow
    M-3 – You guessed it – color palette – contrast with the blue sky reflection on the water.


  11. Sorry, didn’t know to vote in all categories. Already voted for Y-3, in the reds, R-2 just pops, O-1, M-3. Good luck all!


  12. Allright.. finally I vote… my favorites are:
    My overall favorite however is (drumroll)… Y-3. You can tell that the photographer is really enthusiastic about his/her work!


  13. Wow, what a coincidence – the winner has the exact same name as your husband. What are the odds? 🙂

    Yes, I know I selected Y-3, but that was before I knew that R-2 was taken by a childhood buddy of mine!
    I also liked M-3, but that was when I thought it was a picture of a leaf floating on a pond. On a car hood? Really? Really? That alone justifies the misspelling of the photographer’s name!


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