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Four Perfect Fall Leaves – Category Winners & More Voting

Alisons Red Leaf

Besides the autumn poets sing,
A few prosaic days
A little this side of the snow
And that side of the haze.
~Emily Dickinson

How appropriate that the final phase of our first ever, One Perfect Fall Leaf 24-Hour Photo Contest(c) is marked by our first snow fall.  And it isn’t the kind where you have to guess it’s snow by the oversized plops on your windshield.  This is the real deal, coating my car, messing with my

Dorian Gray's Ugly Image becomes more chilling

marigolds and providing a cold, chilly, messy and deserved shroud to the rotting picture of Dorian Gray pumpkin.  So real in fact that I froze when the phone rang fearful that this first snow “fall” was also the first snow “day” for the Haverhill schools that lack the fortitude of Lynnfield of old where every wished for snow day was a dream burst by the lack of a  blast from the town fire alarm signal.  

But the call was Jon checking in to see who had won the category contests.  That brought me back to the reality that is this post. 

The winners are in and accounted for.  The competition was heated and in the multicolored category only one vote separated first from second place.  And now it is up to you, kind readers to once again vote, this time for the fairest of the fair fall leaves from four outstanding winners.  Please comment ON THE BLOG with only one vote and you may vote by color or number.  Voting will end Saturday October 29 at 3 p.m..  I had hoped to regale you with some photos that were supplied but were ineligible for this contest.  They are gorgeous, but the computer is acting up and I am afraid I will lose the rest of this post if I play with it any longer, but thank you to Pamela Fitzgerald, Steven Gilchrist, Craig O’Neill and William Laforme.  And now, your finalists…here they come….

R-2 - Red Category Winner
Y-3 Yellow Category Winner
O-2 Orange Category Winner
M-3 Multicolored Category Winner

Thank you in advance for your votes. I will tell you on Monday whose house to crash for real Grade B maple-syruped pancakes.

(c)2011 Alison Colby-Campbell


30 thoughts on “Four Perfect Fall Leaves – Category Winners & More Voting”

  1. These are all too good to decide! I THINK I like R2 and M3 the best….. I wish I knew the circumstance of each shot. Is R2 on snow? I think that is the most perfect leaf. But a have a visceral reaction to the blue background (water?) and reflection of M3. But O2 is so natural, and I love the shadow patterns on Y3. What to do ? What to do? I’m not voting yet!


  2. Betty aka MomButNotMine – I love that you participate with such enthusiasm. And that you are impressed by each photo, but I am not telling any secrets of the pics. Remember perfection is in the eye of the beholder.


  3. After hours of deliberation (drinking) I’m voting for………………………………………………………………R-2….
    Nice job folks…….


  4. I’m going for M-3, the reflection and shadow created behind the leaf is so striking, I did like R-2 for it’s “perfection” but M-3 gets my final vote! Thanks Alison for including me!



  5. Fascinating facts (okay moderately interesting facts)-
    * 3 out of 4 finalists were photographed by men men men…
    * while only 1/3 of all entries were submitted by men
    * 3/4 of all votes for category winners were cast by women
    * 2/3 of all leaves represented were maples others included beech(?), sumac, sassafras, fern and I few I don’t recognize.
    * No one submitted an oak photo!
    * The youngest participant in the overall contest is newly 15 and she submitted the first pic. Who says kids are slackers?

    CHECK EM OUT When the Grand Prize Winner is announced I will go back to the entry page and identify all the wonderful people who supplied pics as captions to their pics.


  6. My vote is for the Red (2) leaf … I’ll add that the warm color of the leave atop of the cold white marble was a great choice for the shot !!!


  7. I have two favorites between R-2 and Y-3 but my initial instinct was Y-3 so I’m sticking with that. Good Luck to all!


  8. Y-3 for me please. It’s not just the leaf, but the composition of the entire photo that wins my vote. And if you need votes, I’ll vote twice for it!!!!!


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