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WINNER for One Perfectly Frigid Piece of Ice 24-Hour Photo Contest(c)

#7 RED ICE WINS!  That’s Norma Brettell’s pic of a red ski frozen in ice. NORMA  EMAIL ME THE ADDRESS WHERE I SHOULD SEND THE HOT CHOCOLATE.

#2 By Rolan DeLoach Jr

#3 By Lisa Rhoades

#4 By Leslie Holmquist

#5 By Jonathan Campbell

#6 By Leisa Campbell (my personal favorite and #2 in the voting)

#7 By Norma Brettell  RED ICE WINNER

#8 By Katie Reid in Australia!!!  Though photo was taken at Niagra Falls.

Do I sense a chill in the air???

Never when I  cited this as the photo contest for procrastinators did I expect to find the guilty party in the mirror.  But life/work/bunnies somehow ran off with my life these few days and delayed the publication of the entries.  They are nonetheless gorgeous.

RULE CHANGE:  (It’s great being the boss.)  Since categories do not seem to benefit this competition, I declare them void.  There will be no semi finals, just vote for the one photo that is your favorite representation of One Perfectly Frigid Piece of Ice. Photos are displayed in no significant order. Voting ENDS:  SAT Jan 28 at 6pm.  Vote only for numbers 2-8. Do NOT vote for #1, that is my photo, I always take one within the time frame to see if I can get anything with the thought that if I can, anyone can. I am having program issues and can’t renumber the photos.  THE ONLY WAY TO VOTE IS TO LEAVE A MESSAGE IN THE BLOG COMMENT BOX.  BEEN TOLD I NEED TO POINT OUT THE NUMBERS ARE BELOW THE PICS THEY REPRESENT.

And without further delay get ready to say brrrrr!


(c)2012 by Alison Colby-Campbell and for the specific entry images above by  the respective photographers of each

43 thoughts on “WINNER for One Perfectly Frigid Piece of Ice 24-Hour Photo Contest(c)”

  1. #7 is really disturbing, so it has my vote. What’s the deal though, please. Is it methane ice on the surface of Jupiter or a homicide scene in Anchorage?


    1. And, Stinger, you are my favorite, however that’s not how we’re supposed to vote…#1 is mine and therefre ineligible you have to vote for 2-8. And thanks for catching the typo…there’s been enough procrastinating already.


  2. The voting guidelines state that voting ends Wednesday Feb. 28. The next Feb 28 that is a Wednesday is 2018. I don’t know if I have the patience to wait for the results 🙂


  3. The center of 2 looks mysterious, like an iris (eye ball not the flower) to me.Joanne, Bob, Jon, Kathleen, Kelli – thanks so much for voting. Invite your friends to vote too.


  4. I’m on thin ice, so I’ll vote for #4.

    It looks like the voting deadline has been moved up 3 years, from 2018 to 2015. That is when the next Jan 28 falls on a Wednesday!


  5. Everyone make sure that the number for the image you vote for is at the BOTTOM of the photo, not the top. The photos run close together and the number of the previous photo will be next to fhe top if the following photo. It can be confusing. Double check and make sure you really voted for the one you liked best.


  6. I wish I could vote for more than just one pic!!! These are great!!! But I will cast my vote for Number 2. Wow. I just asked myself which one I would want on my wall and that’s the one.


  7. All were very interesting but #7 caught my eye. I studied it to figure it out! It’s creative and colorful – so it gets my vote.


  8. COUPLE OF COMMENTS FROM THE HOST: Thanks newcomers for voting. I really appreciate that you came, you read, you judged. Because of my typo voting will remain open until SAT JAN 28 at 6pm. THANKS AGAIN STINGER!!! When the winner is announced, we will also answer all your nagging questions…identifying photographers and subjects if they are unclear. Entries came from as far away as Australia in this contest and as micro local as the next room.Votes came from all over the place


  9. Alison, I love hot chocolate, but please send my prize to a college student away from home who would like some hot chocolate!


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