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AND THE WINNER IS – One Perfect Bugs Me Bug 24 Hour Photo Contest (c)

Thank you photographers and voters for sharing your passion and your talent.

 And the BUG  WINNER  is NISSI CAMPBELL – Bad 4, green bug and eggs found on a corn leaf in Boxford MA. Nissi is a very talented amateur photographer and recent HS graduate from Mississippi.  She had two photos in the semi finals: Bad 4, and Ugly 3 Earwig in flower. Nissi also won last month’s contest the Perfect Flower.

BAD 4 NISSI CAMPBELL ***winner***
And now the unveiling of all the talented photographers who took some valuable time to realize “Everybody Got Bugs!” and as Jonathan Campbell stated this should have been called “The Perfect Shutterbug Bug” 24-Hour Photo Contest. 
REMEMBER TO SCROLL DOWN BEYOND THE ENTRY GALLERY  for special acknowledgments by our special guest judge, David Sheehan.  He had some unsung heroes among his top pic picks.


Our special guest judge, David Sheehan, is the marketing guru from NYC and the Berkshires. It was through David’s recommendation that we used the bug theme for this photo contest.  We asked David to review all 31 entries and identify those  photos that best captured his intention for the contest…

DAVID SHEEHAN:  “First the spirit of the idea:   Bugs tend to get a bad rap — but they are beautiful creatures that do good. Their ability to blend in, stand out, inflict pain and create beauty while  helping flowers, fruits and vegetables thrive. Even the ugliest impress with their intricate designs and tenacity. Our first instinct might be to step on them — but upon closer look and thought, why not help them go about their mission? Set them free — unless of course they are crunching on your house, buzzing in your ear while you are trying to fall asleep or biting you during a walk through the woods!

My choice for grand prize winner is “Pretty 10.” This beautiful butterfly shows a mix of intricate design and striking color. And its clever choice of plant — perched as if a tomato is ripening on the vine.

Other entries that were hard to pass over:
“Bad 3” — Wow — good job to whomever even noticed that guy hard at work pollinating that flower — beautiful camouflage.
“Pretty 3” – Look at those delicate wings and amazing shade of blue — thank you mother nature — a true artist.
“Good 2” – I love the action shot of this bee hard at work — look at the precision captured as s/he approaches that flower, landing gear in place for a soft touch-down.
“Bad 2” – I kind of like the utilitarian nature of this guy — protective outer case, legs and spots in perfect symmetry and love those “My Favorite Martian” antennae — OK I am dating myself!”
Next up – well the 24-Hour Photo Contest has received requests for themes that range from Mushrooms, Weeds, Portraits of Strangers, to Humor shots, let us know what you think. But I think we’ll give ourselves a break here and regroup in a couple of months to decide. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled and your camera at the ready…the best photo ops are all around you!
(c) 2012 Alison Colby-Campbell with the exception of entry photographs that are copyrighted by the individual photographers.

29 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS – One Perfect Bugs Me Bug 24 Hour Photo Contest (c)”

  1. I like Bad 4. Not so much for the camera settings, but for the photographer. Good eyes to catch this at all. Patience for the shot.


  2. Drama and scandal in the photo contest…had to remove a vote because someone signed in under another person’s name on a shared computer to stuff the ballot box….Really?!?! for an anti bug bracelet grand prize? Well just glad we have people who are passionate about their favorites


  3. Congratulations to Nissi! She is an amazing photographer! I find it interesting that I always blind vote for Jon’s work; I really like his style. However, how did Pretty 7 not win?!? David Greer, I don’t know you, but that is one incredible bug. LOVE that photo! Such delicate transluscence against the natural, weathered wood.


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