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What a Wonderful Night for a Moon Dance – Full Moon Inspired Haiku & Photographs Aug 2

Left Wal-Mart tonight in a hurry to get home, but found myself mesmerized by my old friend, Moon. A moon so exceptional it needed to be shared with my friends. In the minute it took to untangle my ever-present camera from the bottom-of-the-purse detritus, a few fabulous clouds had escaped my lens. Others moved in and in what seemed like seconds, the shutter clicked off a few dozen individually unremarkable photos. Somehow, in that oppressively muggy parking lot, a half an hour was lost that I have no desire to regain.  Full moon full of mysteries shifted from yellow to orange to rose to white depending on the whims of my autofocus camera. I never saw all those colors in the moon, maybe just the yellow and the white. But my inability to keep perfectly still when using 30x zoom subtly shifted the focus from the dark cloud to the bright moon, and my camera compromised. Or maybe the colors were there and I missed them paying more attention to the captured moon through the view finder than the real moon in the sky.

This gift of rising moon viewed from the most pedestrian of places left its mark on my psyche even as I relinquished the camera. A haiku bubbled forth in the late night traffic jam that stalled my ride home. Does “thinking” constitute distracted driving?

Resourceful Moon drapes ……herself in gossamer clouds …..for a veiled Moon Dance.     by Alison Colby-Campbell

I’ll be leaving the curtains open tonight so the moon can peek in and check up on me as I fail to sleep in her brightness. Other peepers are encouraged to keep moving.

Click here to enjoy a much more remarkable Moon Dance by Van Morrison.

(c)2012 by Alison Colby-Campbell

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