Hanging with the pumpkin artists this weekend put me into an artsy/quirky kind of mood and then I read this blog and recognized that same combo of emotions…so for you artists and sick humor lovers everywhere I share this blog.

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Well, enough of serious subjects like caramel apples– let’s do something frivolous… : )

Most people are marginally familiar with painter Vincent van Gogh, and the story of how he cut off part of his own ear. Is it possible to do a tasteful cartoon on this subject? Well, probably not, but I have done a silly cartoon on it– here it is:

cartoon done with markers and watercolor after being cleaned up and modified in Adobe Photoshop to brighten colors and smooth away grain, cartoon shows kids at birthday party playing pin the ear on painter vincent van gogh instead of traditional pin the tail on the donkey party game

‘Ear now, that’ll be enough of that, as the English police constable said…  : P

The cartoon dates back to the early 1990s– before Photoshop, before I had a computer. But it also dates back to this week– how can that be?

My original plan was just to scan in the original (done with markers and watercolors), and post it as an example of what my work looked like 20 years ago. Kind of a see, you-do-get-better-if-you-keep-at-it kind of thing.

Then I saw how washed out…

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