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Give Me More More More – 2013 New Year’s Resolutions (and how to make them work)


If someone said to you that if you failed to accomplish (or at least be well on your way to accomplishing) a New Year’s Resolution by the end of the year, you would be prohibited from ever resolving to do it again, what would you resolve? Now, consider another stipulation –  you must resolve something.

Would this be an incentive or detriment to achieving your goals and going after them or would this paralyze you in the fear that if I don’t do it now I can never be healthier, never have a better job, never be better educated, never be a better friend and lover? Would your goals be more timid or bold?

Goals or resolutions once put into writing or words take on a life of their own and move toward actualization. Several years ago, I created an informal club that I (inspiringly) called the Goal Club. And we’d meet a couple times a year for dinner and to address our goals. The stipulation was that the goal had to be achievable by the person making the goal, so, for example, I said I wanted to audition for a play (the goal could not be written that I wanted to be in a play, because that was beyond my realm of control, all I could do was audition). And within months I ran into an old friend with whom I’d done community theater a decade before who told me about a play. I auditioned and was cast (which in my heart was the goal, but based on the rules I couldn’t write it as such.) I guess it was less of a goal club and more of a “get up off your butt and do it” club.

Hope brought me Hope and my husband
Hope brought me hope and my husband

Emboldened by that success I tried another. I was a woman of a certain age without a spouse that cerebrally I believed I wanted, but wasn’t sure how that whole commitment thing would work for me. But I gave it a shot. I wrote down that I wanted to share my life with a guy. And voila, I found an abandoned guinea pig in the woods that someone had tried to kill. And the lesson here… be careful how you articulate your goal. Be specific. If you resolve to travel more, you can start to rationalize that you achieved your goal in finding a new street in town. If you say go the the Wall of China, you are very sure when you get there. Back to the guinea pig – I am by far better for having had “Hope”, my first guinea pig, because he taught me that commitment to a creature, even a male creature was not so bad and that was a baby step toward opening myself up to the prospect of sharing my life with a human.  And to this day I tell my husband that the reason he and I married is because of Hope.

Minutes after getting engaged at Minuteman Historical National Park
Minutes after getting engaged at Minuteman Historical National Park

We stopped our goal club, ironically, not long after I got married, and when it got complicated…we started giving each other goals, and had a list of categories: Long term, Short term, Just for Fun. It started to be a chore to keep track of them. I’d like to revisit the list and see what I missed. I remember one thing that hasn’t happened yet– I haven’t made it to Portugal. So according to the rules above, I would never get to set Portugal as a goal, again. So would I have prioritized differently to achieve it?

My friend, client, and teacher (and regular guest of  Marlo Thomas on Huffington Post) Rosie Battista brought me in as a writing consultant on her book Sleeping Naked After 40  http://sleepingnakedafter40.com/. She laid out her book in 12 chapters so followers could map out their year in good naked eating and living measures that easily aligned with the months in the year or one chapter a week for three months for the over achievers. That seemed pretty smart to me and in the process of working on her book, I lost a decent amount of weight. So now I want to create that same success for the rest of my life in 2013.

I’m not one to rush into things, so here on January 3, 2012 I hatched Alison’s List of MORE for 2013.

  1. More Reading, Less Viewing
  2. More Thankful, Less Oblivious to Obvious Blessings Big & Small.
  3. More Naked Living (Ladies, check out Rosie’s book, it’s even sexier than it sounds)
  4. More Outdoors
  5. More Commitment to Community and/or Charity
  6. More Progress in Bonding my Bunnies (you cannot believe what a challenge this is)
  7. More Random Acts of Kindness (I’ve got to start scheduling this, maybe one per month on a Tuesday)
  8. More Action and Less Over Thinking ( I don’t want to be terrorized by my “To Do” list anymore)
  9. More Cultural Activities
  10. More Sleep (even Arianna Huffington told me I needed more, see my blog post http://wp.me/p13Md6-EB )
  11. More Willing to Give Away Stuff and Live with Less
  12. More Time with People I Love

And a bonus baker’s dozen….

13. More effort to resurrect the Goal Club, because, gee, those were some awesome dinners, friends and conversations.

We will revisit this on the flip side of the year…Write down your goals, and comments, too, so we can have a serious or not so serious discussion in 360 days or so.

 ©2013 by Alison Colby-Campbell

4 thoughts on “Give Me More More More – 2013 New Year’s Resolutions (and how to make them work)”

  1. What I find interesting is that you essentially spend the entirety of the blog turning tour back and walking away from the premise you set up in the first paragraph. And that’s a good thing. 🙂

    The concept that we might be forever kept from realizing our hopes and dreams simply because we failed in our efforts to accomplish them, flies in the face of the love of God that tells me that it’s never too late; that no matter how many times and how many ways I may have screwed up my life, no situation is beyond the grace of God to redeem and make whole or make possible. Getting there may require making choices that are personally difficult, but I have found that God is in the particular business of providing comfort, strength and courage.

    What we ultimately choose to accept, to believe, and, yes, to forgive are the greatest determiners of what we can accomplish.


  2. I don’t completely abandon the concept. I think the concept helps to prioritize those goals that are most important to us. And, the day we die, the goals we put off, will not be accomplished.It’s about setting realistic goals that are achievable if far-reaching but that are important enough to pursue.


  3. Over the years I’ve achieved many goals. When I was younger, in my early twenties, I just set out to achieve something and I usually got it. I’d never heard of the power of the mind and neither was this philosophy part of our household.

    Later in life I realised (still good at achieving major goals because I could tackle projects with the fearlessness – and naivete – of a child) that the prices I paid for the prizes were huge. So huge in fact, that for a while I didn’t dare to pursue any goals at all. But that depressed the hell out of me, so I began all over again. Major goal achieved within one year. Lost it one year later when my husband said Let’s split up and I said Why don’t we? Because of the divorce the house we shared in Nova Scotia had to be sold (this had been my major goal).

    Moral of the story? I suck at holding on to the very goals I set out to achieve. So I’m forewarned now. 😉

    My goal presentation tip: Last December I spent several days putting together a 2013 calendar. A letter size page for each month as well as one for each month with the image of a goal. I have short, medium and long term goals. Obviously the first short-term is for January: peace of mind. I love choosing words and pictures for a project like that (Treasure mapping by Shakti Gawain is also very powerful). I like the calendar because it’s in my kitchen and I look at it every day and do a meditation of a few minutes after which I look at a few of the goal pages, feeeeeling them. I also chose a few quotations for each month, pertaining to the corresponding goal. Being right there in my face really helps. Whether it’s successful I can’t tell you yet, but I have an inkling… I will hide it from visitors who would poo poo it – that’s way too negative energy.

    Good luck with your goals!


  4. Thank you, P, for your thoughtful comment. I especially understand how you feel about visitors who poo poo different tactics and philosophies that they do not share.It encourages us or at least me to keep private the very thing I am so excited about. But I’ve been on both sides, too, seeing foolishness in someone else’s treasure. Perhaps one more thing to work on as part of my goal list.Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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