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Separating Yourself from the Flock – Do You LOVE Things that Most People HATE

Did you ever browse an online gallery of great stuff and notice that everything you love (and/or can afford) is “On Hold” or “Sold”? This happened to me a million times when I was “Windows-shopping” at as a means of procrastinating on my tax preparation.  Liking what everyone else likes is so vanilla, it’s liking Pat Boone, the Partridge Family, or Justin Bieber, Readers Digest, USA Today and  “Fifty Shades of Grey” (without recognizing that it’s poorly written). It’s Pringles, cheese in a can and Pop Tarts.

11x14 many birds turning right
Birds of a Feather All Turn Right

And there I was scrolling through a hundred quilts and only six appealed to me, leading me to believe I had supremely discriminating taste, except that every one of the six antique Indian quilts made of recycled saris that caught my eye had caught someone else’s before mine. When this happens over and over again, it begins to make you feel positively mundane. As humans, we yearn to be recognized as special little snowflakes.  And yet life and shopping kept reminding me of my place among the masses.

So as a public service, I am offering you all a chance to release your inner rebel. Prove you’re just a little different by commenting en masse on this post. What do you love that most people hate? Okay, “hate” is a strong word for veggies and Stooges , but I am a woman of passion and hyperbole, and I encourage those traits in others, but for you with delicate sensibilities I will rephrase the question.  What do you love that others despise, dislike, dismiss or dismay about?

Here are the first eight that fluttered into my unique mind.

Just A Dusting
Just A Dusting

1.  Shoveling Snow (without a snowblower, we’re talking about using a shovel and your back, in cold, inhospitable New England weather, even in March when we should be so over the white stuff)
2.  Brussel Sprouts, Beets, Broccoli  (This bad bunch of veggies just taste good to me.  I especially can’t explain why I like beets, when they taste so much like dirt, but I do.)

Flower most dandy
Flower most dandy

3.  Dandelions (If you look at them with fresh eyes; you’ll see that they really are very pretty. You can cover my yard, anyday. I wrote a whole blog homage to this flower. )

Shemp and the other two Stooges
Shemp and those other two Stooges

Stooges photo is not property of Brain4Rent and was found uncredited on

4.  Shemp of The Three Stooges (Added bonus, he shared a hairdo with my grandfather at age 20). Enjoy a youtube clip of his comedic genius.

Renters always like my apt's clean bathroom
Renters always like my apt’s shiny clean bathroom

5.  Cleaning my own bathroom (There are so many “AHA” moments of instant gratification throughout the process:  that sparkly white porcelain, the aroma of bleach that I equate with dead germs, a mirror devoid of toothpaste speckles. What’s not to love?)

Fluffy & flexible
Fluffy & flexible

6.  Squirrels (They can dig in my garden, empty my birdfeeder, rummage through my trash, as long as they entertain me with their acrobatic antics. Plus they are cute and inquisitive.)

Day After Christmas
Day After Christmas

7.  Taking Down the Christmas Tree (I wrote a blog on the dangers of Christmas trees that basically sums up my sentiment  )

and, finally, 

8.  When I am Proven Right…except maybe in this instance because if I convince you all that these are in fact good things, my uniqueness quotient deteriorates significantly, and I’ll get all flocked up, again.

To see if we all like the same quilts, check out this link:

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