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Mums, the word revisited

My mums wintered over for the last two years and so dear friends, I am softening my view on these ubiquitous blossoms.

Mums, the word revisited.

2 thoughts on “Mums, the word revisited”

  1. You are so serious about mums. 🙂 My issue with them is that they are too neat and orderly. I like scruffy, scraggly flowers like tall cosmos. And cottage gardens are just my style–a little messy but if you look closely you’ll find a beauty. Your original description of less than crisp colors of mums–I actually deliberately dirty some of my clean colors to tone down the chroma/intensity. Hard to believe when you see my work, right? Thanks for the update on Mums. (We are the proud owners of a yellow, orange and deep purple.)


    1. My mums which all wintered over are scraggly lanky and toppling over and the colors are a veritable mishmash so I have some sort of pink, some sort of burgandy and a very small white…no one would confuse these with recently bought gems…more to come though we may get frost tonight….ugh dead mums are even uglier than drab mums


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