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12 Spectacular Nova Scotia Spots/Activities On My “MUST DO” List. (Part 2 of a 3 part series)

This is Pt 2 of a 3 part series.

I’ve been to Nova Scotia about 10x since I began working with Nova Star Cruises and for most of that time we were busy in meetings and trade shows, but now that the ferry sails everyday, I intend to tack on an extra day or two with my business trips so I can whittle through my list of “must sees”. You, my astute reader, will recognize that personal photos from places I have not been are hard to come by so enjoy these photos from my Nova Scotia library. I did supplement with some videos produced by the talented travel celebrity Zoe D’Amato for My Destination Nova Scotia and suggest you check them out.

Cape Forchu, Yarmouth
Cape Forchu, Yarmouth

1. Tidal Bore Bay of Fundy, The Bay of Fundy is bordered by Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and the tidal bore can be over 40′ providing the opportunity to ride the tide like a white water rafting trip and later walk across the ocean bottom. It boasts the largest tidal differential in the world.

2. Cabot Trail By all accounts this is one of the most beautiful bike, ride, or hike trails in the world. I can’t wait to experience it firsthand.

Wine tasting through Annapolis Valley
Wine tasting. There are 8 award winning wineries in Gasoereau Valley alone.

3. Gaspereau Valley Wine Region  Nova Scotia has 8 award winning vineyards and its own appelation wine “Tidal Bay”, and so it is full of wine sampling opportunities at several renowned wineries. I’ve tasted the wines and given them good grades (red, white and sparkling), now it’s time to see where they’re made. Here’s a charming video by Zoe D’Amato about the wine scene in Nova Scotia.

Kayaking at Sunset
Kayaking at Sunset

4. Kayaking in Yarmouth Harbour Kayaking never seemed like my thing until I saw the vantage point that the Captain of the Nova Star got on his kayak trip in Yarmouth Harbour. Now I have kayak envy. Just glad The Song of the Paddle, knows how to get someone comfortable in a kayak and where to go for the best views.


Harbours Edge B&B Cocktail Hour al fresco
Harbours Edge B&B Cocktail Hour al fresco

5. Trout Point Lodge UNESCO Dark Sky  Ranked as one of the top 50 hotels in the world in the 
2014 World’s Best Luxury Hotels Awards,
descriptions of Trout Point Lodge entice with a wide array of activities and rustic elegance. And with the recent accreditation as a dark sky location, they wisely purchased a telescope for show and tell at night.

Peggy's Cove is one of 150 lighthouses to visit in Nova Scotia
Not Peggy’s Cove. This is Seal Island Lighthouse Museum…one of about 11 of  the150 that I have seen.

6. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse This is the most photographed, visited and iconic lighthouse in Nova Scotia. I love lighthouses. Why haven’t I been here yet? Still working my way through the 150+ lighthouses in the province.

RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police don’t always travel by horse, here they are waiting for the first visit by Nova Star.

7. Fortress of Louisbourg  “The Fortress of Louisbourg is the largest reconstruction project in North America. The original settlement was founded in 1713 by the French and developed over several decades into a thriving center for fishing and trade. Fortified against the threat of British invasion during the turbulent time of empire-building, Louisbourg was besieged twice before finally being destroyed in the 1760s. The site lay untouched until well into modern times, when archaeologists began to reconstruct the fortress as it was in the 18th century.”  Re-enactors on site answer questions, set off cannons and make chocolate! Enjoy another Zoe D’Amato video for y Destination Nova Scotia on life in the 18th century fortress

MacKenzie School of Dance
MacKenzie School of Dance

8. Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Halifax A tattoo in Halifax is not the same as being inked. It’s a multiday festival of music, acrobatics, dancing and well everything Canadian and awesome as well as international flair from participating countries around the world.

Musique de la Baie
Musique de la Baie performing onboard Nova Star in Fathoms restaurant

9. 43rd Annual Nova Scotia Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival (Annapolis Valley and Bay of Fundy) North America’s second longest running bluegrass festival, the Nova Scotia Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Festival is a family event presented by the Downeast Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of bluegrass music in Eastern Canada. The festival showcases local, US and Canadian bluegrass bands with strong Maritime traditions.”

DSC_0527 Nova scotia things blog


10. Explore the Mi’kmaq and First Nations culture  Visitors to Nova Scotia can experience the culture from drumming and storytelling, canoeing and handcrafts at several sites throughout the Province.

Sunset at Ye Olde Argyler
Sunset at Ye Olde Argyler

11. Relax at the Beach. Nova Scotia is almost entirely surrounded by water, and its geography includes Cape Breton Island plus another 3800 coastal islands. There is 1500 miles of shoreline  and 3000 small lakes. So naturally there are beaches of every type and size, from rocky to sandy , from ocean to lake   And yet, I have never once had the opportunity to lounge on a beach blanket and just watch the sea.

Yarmouth Nova Scotia Mayor Pam Mood, Possibly the happiest person when her ship came in with Nova Star
Yarmouth Nova Scotia Mayor Pam Mood, Possibly the happiest person when her ship came in  – Nova Star arrival

12. Tea with the Mayor of Yarmouth (Pam Mood) Fridays in July and August from 8-11am (she shows up around 8:30) at the Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre 228 Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Phone: (902) 742-5033. Learn about what the Town of Yarmouth has to offer while sampling homemade treats and tea.

Stay Tuned for Part 3, the final installment in this series. The installment about cool stuff other people might want to do.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: watch the videos on History about Louisbourg Park, Wine Time on the fabulous Nova Scotia Vineyards, Artsy Halifax.

 (c)2014 by Alison Colby-Campbell

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