11 Awesome Nova Scotia Stuff for OTHER PEOPLE to Do (Pt 3 of 3)

Aerial photo by Proptonics via a drone
Nova Star docked in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. Aerial photo by Proptonics via a drone

Somewhere the one who made us all, laughs at the peculiarities we each have. I just don’t like tapioca pudding, I think it feels like you’re eating fish eyes. That’s just how I roll. But I understand other people love tapioca. And so it is in Nova Scotia; there is just so much to do there that somethings just won’t be your cup of tea, but I’d never want to deny the next guy the opportunity to live it and love it, especially if he/she arrives on Nova Star!

This is the final installment in my 3 part series of stuff to do in Nova Scotia. This page is dedicated to stuff I continue to take a pass on, so personal snapshots of these specific activities are few.

You don’t have to share my taste to share my love of Nova Scotia.

Read all three installments and let me know what I missed.

How wonderful to be in a foreign country where we speak the language and are so warmly received.
How wonderful to be in a foreign country where we speak the language and are so warmly received.

1. Golf  World renowned courses await those of you who like to hit a ball as far away from yourself as possible and then go chase it. Forbes Magazine identified two Nova Scotia courses  in its 2013 article “5 Great New Golf Course Resorts You Need to Know” (Cabot Links rated 82 in Golf Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Courses in the World, and nearby Highland Links). Follow this link for more info on six of Nova Scotia’s fabulous courses.  http://vacay.ca/2012/04/nova-scotias-6-most-intriguing-golf-courses/

Wallace Fraser, the Scotch Sommelier at the Press Gang Restaurant in Halifax. Who even knew such a job existed!

2. Scotch (and other hard liquor) I attended a very enjoyable and informative scotch tasting and learned that in the US we seek out the single malts, and yet some connoisseurs prefer the artistry of the blend.  I did not acquire the taste for either during my virgin foray into brown liquors, and in fact may have felt a few brain cells shut down shop during the experience but Nova Scotia is distilling some fine spirits that others should try. http://www.glenoradistillery.com/distillery.htm, http://www.ironworksdistillery.com/company

This is a Drive Thru Window where you can pick up a case of  cold beer. I was surprised when I earned about this but it's not all that rare, though this particular venue may no longer be open.
If brew pubs aren’t your thing – this is a DRIVE THRU WINDOW where you can pick up A CASE OF COLD BEER. Though this particular venue may no longer be open, there are others in Nova Scotia.

3. Beer  There are more pubs per capita in Halifax (Provincial capital) than in any other  city in Canada perhaps because there are 6 colleges in the town and the fact that the legal drinking age is 19. Some of the beer joints have the greatest foods! August 8-9 Check out the Halifax Seaport Beerfest Atlantic Canada’s largest gathering of craft beer, imports & cider! http://seaportbeerfest.com/   or read the Local Traveler NS complete list of craft breweries.   http://thelocaltravelerns.com/2014/01/15/complete-list-of-craft-breweries-in-nova-sco    Nova Scotia is very serious about its brews.

4. Motorcycling in NS including Wharf Rat Rally in Digby http://www.motorcycletourguidens.com/2014-rallies-and-events I’ve only been on a motorcycle once in my life. I may have screamed we were going too fast a few times before getting out of the driveway. I wasn’t invited back, and I never asked. But if motorcycles are your thing, you are in excellent company. In Nova Scotia there are rallies, great touring opportunities and a culture that welcomes you throughout the province. This year marks the 10th Annual Wharf Rat Rally August 27-31, a rally identified as “Canada’s Largest Multi-day Rally by Biker TV” http://www.wharfratrally.com/ 


This giant yellow chair landmark at Cape Forchu was destroyed and E & J MILLWORKS  by hurricane Arthur on July 4 2014 and someone from the community volunteered to bring it back
And now for a moment of peaceful bliss…This giant yellow chair landmark at Cape Forchu was destroyed by hurricane Arthur on July 4 2014 and EJ Millworks recently volunteered to bring it back to life and it’s already back. Nova Scotia kindness extends beyond visitors to neighbors.

5. Ziplining http://www.anchorsabovezipline.ca/ Really high, really fast, and amazing trees flying by in a blur. What’s not to love? Call me a chicken because this chicken don’t fly.

Scallop fleet in Digby
Scallop fleet in Digby

6. Fishing http://novascotia.ca/fish/programs-and-services/industry-support-services/inland-fisheries/sportfishing-guides/ I used to fish with my dad, until I got kind of sad about the fish and kept trying to set them free despite the fact that I like fish for dinner. But my unstoppable habit of befriending and naming all living creatures  makes this sport better for others. Nova Scotia has legendary fishing options.

St Mary Parish Museum
St Mary Parish Museum, Church Point Nova Scotia

7. Surfing – Day or Night http://www.lowpressure.co.uk/surftravelplanner/region.aspx?region=271 This group kind of lost me when they reported the days of hurricane season that make for the best rides.  Oh and that there is night surfing because the waves “get large” at night.

My husband found this museum created in honour of his ancestor.
My husband found this museum created in honour of his ancestor.

8. Genealogy http://www.novascotia.com/see-do/attractions/genealogy  http://nsgna.ednet.ns.ca/   I prefer making history to reading about it. But that’s just me. I did read once though I can’t remember where that at one point 30% of all people in the Boston area had roots in Nova Scotia. Check out ancestry.com and come on up for a family reunion, even if you’re not blood related, you’ll be treated like a family member (a good one).

Camping and most everything else to the left, unless you're looking for an "at" symbol. Okay what the heck does @ mean on a street sign?
Camping Trailers and Tepees (and most everything else) to the left, unless you’re looking for an “at” symbol. Okay what the heck does @ mean on a street sign?

9. Camping   Here’s a list of NS’ top 25 camping locations http://www.novascotia.com/explore/top-25/camping Considering the gorgeous landscapes and different terrains and views, I understand why people want to be outside in Nova Scotia, but for me once the sun sinks below the horizon, I want to be inside at night in a sumptuous bed with an en-suite bath and perhaps WIFI. But don’t let that stop you from exploring nature on a more personal level. It really is gorgeous out there.

Someone had to put that age old question to rest.
Someone had to put that age-old question to rest. Thanks to gale force winds, it is I.

10. Learn to Play the Bagpipes  in PEI but you can get there from Nova Scotia http://www.collegeofpiping.com/summer.php. The noise frightens my rabbits so I couldn’t take home what I learned. But you all are welcome to try this at home especially after a few Pipe, Drum, and Dance camps this summer.

Whether you're biking or motorcycling, there's a trail with a view waiting for you.
Bicycling in Nova Scotia offers incomparable views

11. Mountain Biking. Helmets aren’t my best look so I forego Mountain Biking. But there are myriad trails throughout Nova Scotia to suit the folks less interested in fashion than an opportunity for adventure.  http://trails.mtbr.com/cat/trails-around-the-world/canada-trails/trails-canada-nova-scotia/pls_4527crx.aspx

I think I pretty much love everything else there is to do in Nova Scotia, with  a ratio of 11 (not too keen on activities) to a million (things I’d love to do), I’ll be back, and often.

Welcome Committee at Bunker Light NS has greeting for Nova Star
Welcome Committee at Bunker Light NS has greeting for Nova Star

 (c) 2014 Text and images by Alison Colby-Campbell






http://www.zoedamato.com/ watch the videos on History about Louisbourg Park, Wine Time on the fabulous Nova Scotia Vineyards, Artsy Halifax.

 (c)2014 by Alison Colby-Campbell

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