A Guy’s Guide to Valentines and the Meaning of Flowers

A little reading for anyone receiving flowers on Valentines Day or any day –

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Valentine’s Day has been hurtling toward us since a few days before Christmas when the retail outlets hoisted out the pink and red to drape the center aisle that just the day before was reserved for red and green. Are you prepared? You know what’s expected, are you up to the challenge? Giving flowers means something, so let’s make sure we get the message right. This post is a virtual Rosetta Stone for the language of flowers.

A red rose conveys passionate love A red rose conveys passionate love

Pick your posies as carefully as your words. Giving the ubiquitous red rose to your true love is a Valentines staple but in accordance with the “Meaning of Flowers” found at Aboutflowers.com and compiled by the Society of American Florists from a variety of sources, it is as safe as it is unimaginative. A red rose means passionate love. Great, if that’s what you’re going for, but a…

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