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Naked Truth About Naked Gardening

Let me tell you what I’m NOT doing on May 7, 2016….Naked gardening on World Naked Gardening Day. Though my husband  (who is currently sharing the living room with seedlings because our weather back pedalled to winter here in New England) queried about my gardening intent on that day after reading about this emerging holiday in that bastion of truth – Facebook.. Not quite sure if he was for or against the idea, but I know exactly where I stand.

According to this article,  World Naked Garden Day is in its 10th year, and I still question its merit, and its ‘world’ vision. Have they forgotten there is a southern hemisphere that is losing warmth just as we are gaining it? Check photo below for indication of our weather last week

IMG_3325 Daffodil in snow


Typically, I get very excited about spring in New England. I take a walk outback to visit my micro garden (I live in a condo, allowable gardening space is very limited) every day and marvel as each new leaf unfolds although I hesitate to consider myself a gardener because my style is entirely happenstance. I like gardening or rather its end result, but I’m not nuts about it.

img_0176 red tulips for misty

So let us evaluate this naked gardening concept for a minute. For me there’s nothing natural about going au naturel into the garden patch.  I can immediately name a dozen reasons to abstain, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll just give you the top four…

DSC_0961 Haverhill Spring Flowers

1. I don’t want to get fertilizer and Miracle Gro on the parts of my body I don’t want to increase (ie just about everywhere).

2. I don’t want to get insect bites in places that will prompt me to engage in a week of embarrassing scratching in public

3. As mentioned, I live in a condo and our Association has strict rules on keeping the neighborhood looking good that I would destroy in an afternoon. (Caveat – if I ever have a bad neighbor I wanted to frighten away, I will revisit this debate.)

4. The leaves and flowers aren’t big enough to hide behind should the in-laws stop by.

DSC_0948 with watermark SEASONS CARD spring buds on branches seasons cropped

So what will I be doing on May 7….celebrating Don’t Scare Your Plants to Death Day.


(c)Alison Colby-Campbell

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