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Bullwinkle’s Garden

DSC01708 Bullwinkle close up watermark

When Bullwinkle, the dapper black then salt and pepper bunny died in mid-October, I decided to grow a little Hope garden in the woods to make him top bunny. For years he somewhat begrudgingly but also lovingly played second fiddle to Mystic, the Great White Bun, who passed some time before him.


For months I couldn’t bring myself to plant the bulbs I purchased, and for months after that I didn’t want to walk down the woodland path next to which I’d plant the garden.

Bullwinkle the lop eared rabbit 327836_10150377639594157_401244000_o
Bullwinkle pretends he’s a lop-eared rabbit for Halloween

One warm day in February, all by myself I cleared the area and planted the bulbs, resigning myself to the fact that they should have been planted in November and now had little likelihood of surviving much less blossoming this spring. I selected from among my favorite and most memorable rocks to create the garden border. To one arc of the border I added some of my striped rocks that local legend and Jon’s mom said signify love. As I worked, I said a little prayer dedicating the space to all my lost pets, but most importantly to Bullwinkle, the support rabbit. Quietly, Leisa came and joined me in the final plantings. Big rolling tears watered the plants and I hoped they would somehow nourish the new bulbs. As a thank you,  I gave Leisa a few bulbs and a pot to bring back to college.

Spring is more upon us than not, so now I visit the garden every day, and today I had to chuckle. Though I believed I planted only brightly colored flowers, the first and so far only flower to bloom situated itself right at the point where the striped rocks congregate, and, it is white. Mystic is trying to reclaim her top dog position. And while my first thought was – “no way Mystic, this one’s for Bullwinkle”, my second thought was, “ah, I get it now, they are telling me that they are together and taking comfort in each other’s company just as they had before becoming residents of Heaven. And, they are messaging me their love.”


Mystic and Bullwinkle PEACE

(c)Alison Colby-Campbell

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