Haverhill Has Eyes for Irises

irises are under rated in gardens because they are so willing to grow and flower. Plus if you think irises are only purple….have I got news for you

The Heartbeat of Haverhill

IMG_9686 Haverhill Iris Post

After an utterly dismal day with bad news and sad news, The Heartbeat of Haverhill really needed a pick me up. Haverhill, as it always has,  came through for us in a big way, providing a mind absorbing scavenger hunt and the beauty of wild natural and cultivated flowers.

IMG_9632 Haverhill Iris Post Plug Pond aka Lake Saltonstall

The irises in my garden are partly a gift from a patch overtaking the world at a friend’s house (thank you Rolan DeLoach Jr of Boxford) and partly a confirmation that THOH cannot pass up a bargain. Several years back as the Haverhill Garden Club  was closing up its annual flower sale, we were offered an extremely discounted price on some plants. So without caring what type I was getting, I picked up a few iris plants, with the hope they’d survive in my briefly lit little plot.

IMG_9705 Haverhill Iris Post

This year, is definitely the year of the…

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