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Add a Little Buca to Your Life

Though her life started out in neglect, this bunny who came to us as Carla and quickly became  Buca (like Sambuca but without that yucky licorice taste) suddenly had it all. The best in green and fresh veggies, cozy place to stay, lots of things to explore, humans to engage in deep conversation…. and then the event. Buca was such a people bunny and so determined she was top of the heap important when compared to other rabbits that she lashed out at the brother bunny who loved her and wanted to be a friend.
The other bunny made a scary trip to the emergency room where it was determined that the brilliant engaging Buca really had it in for her brother and could not be trusted with him. It happens sometimes. Despite initial testing that seemed to indicate they’d be best buds, Buca needed to have all the food, all the space, and all the love from her humans. We didn’t have a safe space in our house to keep her out of trouble.
Buca went back to the shelter. An enclosed cage, so she couldn’t use her super human deducing and climbing skills to escape, and a small space without the free range she was allowed at our home because she had such tidy litter box habits. Buca became sad. She didn’t hop about greeting people who came into her space, she ate a diet that was donated by kind people who know she must eat lots of timothy hay, but that wasn’t the enormous fresh salad she’d come to expect with a mix of romaine, kale, basil, cilantro and red peppers every day. Buca was loosing her sparkle just as she needed to outshine all the rest of the bunnies at the shelter.
Buca sits among lots and lots of adorable rabbits, rabbits who have friends, rabbits who know how to play the game and be adorable on command. Rabbits that are happy among other rabbits. Rabbits who are in easier to access cages. Rabbits who aren’t too big and too black to be considered. It’s crazy but big rabbits and black rabbits are harder to adopt out. Buca is 9lbs and satiny black and we loved her because of those characteristics, but she is at a disadvantage.
As a diehard Buca fan, I can tell you Buca was among the most fascinating rabbits we ever had. So smart, such a big personality, such soft soft fur, such a perfect pet for people who don’t necessarily mind if their bunny is smarter than they are. Buca is smart, funny and loving, she cuddles on the couch, though she can get spooked easily so she isn’t best with small children or yippy animals, and definitely not with other bunnies.
I visit Buca regularly at the shelter and bring her treats and salads and I sit on the floor by her cage near its  open door and I stroke her fuzzy head. She gets pushy if I pet her for too short of a time and pushes her nose into my hand for more. She tries to climb out of her cage for a free range visit, but I have to push her back in.
So here’s what I want for Christmas….for Buca to have the best possible indoor home with people who can help develop her curiosity, trust, and love. We let her down by having to return her for the safety of our pre-existing rabbits. So if you thought you might give me a present….give yourself one instead. Bring Buca home for the holidays and every day. And I could sleep easy again and you, well, you’ll want to stay awake to see what she’s up to next.
Buca is currently at MSPCA Nevins Farm Methuen, MA.Before adopting any animal give it and your house considerable thought. Is it going to work out? Rabbits have special needs that are unlike cats and dogs. They require special rabbit savvy vets (unbelievably they are considered exotics) like many of those vets found at VCA Wakefield. They are prey animals so they are very good at hiding illness and weaknesses so you really need to understand rabbit habits. Most rabbits do not like to be picked up. They think it’s akin to having a hawk drag them away. They have fragile bones, too, so you don’t want them to struggle to escape. They indicate their disdain for you with a loud flick of their back feet. No mistaking that! They cannot breathe through their mouths, so if they sound congested, get them to a rabbit savvy vet! And yet they are about the best pets ever. With a room or two more in our small condo, I would never have let Buca go. We’ve shared our lives with 7 rabbits so far, most of them the giant variety, and we’ve loved them lots. But we continue to learn about best practices for rabbits from our vet and from the very informative groups like – House Rabbit Network and House Rabbit Society.
(c)Alison Colby-Campbell

5 thoughts on “Add a Little Buca to Your Life”

  1. A beautiful testament to sharing hometime with a rabbit. My several house rabbits calmed me, amused me, and were so loving. I am not allowed any pets right now, but will ask you for a FB friendship. Then I’ll be happy to share any posts and links re, her new family. FYI, best upright ears seen ever on a rabbit.


  2. No, just interested in your story. These animals are very sensitive. Buca, for sure. Been a while since I had them. they were each hard to lose. Please. Let me know if she’s adopted or if I can help get word out. You write beautifully about being a rabbit Mom.


    1. We visited Christmas eve and she is still there. We brought greens for her and the other rabbits and had her out in a much larger area. She was skittish at first then settled in for some love and exploration.


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