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Flotsam & Jetsam of the Radio Waves

IMG_8547 Valley Girls w Lysa Pelletier and Leslie Buresch and producer Lou better
Lysa Pelletier Gibbs, Leslie Buresh, and me (Alison Colby-Campbell) Note my headset hair.

#MyYearofTryingNewThings continues though recidivism statistics say I probably should have stalled out by the first big snow storm in February. Yet even now, as the daffodils press upward from the cool, dark earth seeking the warmth and the light of the sky,  I, too, am pressing forward into new spaces if only because new things keep throwing themselves in my pathway. I appear to have lost the “Just say NO” filter in favor of the “Sure Why Not” one. Is this perhaps the one advantage of middle age – thinking less about possible embarrassment and more about adding experiences to life even if they are outside the somewhat narrow comfort zone established at a more tender age?

But I digress. Today’s post is about my gig as a guest on a radio show where nothing is scripted and predictability is for cowards (though the host conducts reconnaisance on her guests beforehand.) The night before at a seminar for social media marketing for small businesses I ran into my new friend and celebrity stylist for magazines and national and international product advertisements, Lysa Pelletier. She asked if I’d be on her radio show, ‘Valley Girls’, the next day. And it just came out – “Sure Why Not”.

IMG_8540 Valley Girls w Lysa Pelletier and Leslie Buresch and producer Lou
Lysa Pelletier Gibbs and producer Lou Blasi at the control board

The next morning it started sinking in….It’s intimidating trying to come up with a suitable outfit for being in the company of someone as chic as she, and as conscious of quality. I soothed my angst with the mantra – it’s only a radio show. No one would be able to see her sideways glance at my rabbit nibbled jeans and fur fluffed sweater.

But just in case, I worked on an alibi. “It’s my new cottage industry.” I crafted my elevator speech. “As I grew beyond the need to expose my dimpled thigh flesh through giant rips in my jeans in the name of fashion,  I developed a new look –  a few small rabbit chewed holes here and there for understated style. And that rabbit fluff on the sweater is a sustainable and cruelty free take on angora sweaters. No bunnies were injured or frightened in the process of upgrading the sweater, and for an alternate look each sweater comes with a free lint brush. Bring me you sweaters and jeans and for a modest fee ($19.99 per piece), over the course of a week I will add ‘bunny style’ to your lackluster clothing. (I am always looking for a way to bring value to the fact that we share our home with two free wandering, free loading, 14lb house rabbits.)

And there I go digressing again…

The ‘Valley Girls’ radio show records at a studio in Methuen, Massachusetts for NetTalks.Net and 102.9 FM HD-2. Those little black things on this side of the producer’s booth were in fact cameras. It WAS being videotaped for Facebook and YouTube videos. Not my best outfit, so I glammed up my lips in a shade closest to Lysa’s signature scarlet and dodged behind microphones, wires and other alien apparatus that made a three-way on air conversation possible.

IMG_8544 Valley Girls w Lysa Pelletier and Leslie Buresch and producer Lou
Leslie Buresh on air

Lysa co-hosts “Valley Girls” with her best friend since high school, Leslie Buresh, and the show airs with the naturalness of a couple of gals chatting about what’s what in the Merrimack Valley and beyond. The third in the “L” trio isn’t a gal at all. It’s Lou (Blasi) a long time radio professional and the show’s producer. He worked with Lysa before we started recording to create the program’s new on-line look, and wrangled guests and hosts who wandered off  both literally and in conversation. Lou with his God-like announcer voice, that’s equally capable of calming or instructing, punctuates the conversation for emphasis when a train of thought derails on something that might interest the audience. He fits well with the other ‘Ls’. He’s needed.

As a guest, it was fun, and went by in a flash. I had so many eye opening revelations to share about the best parts of living in the Merrimack Valley/Haverhill, and this guest spot was a wonderful and graciously offered opportunity. The laughs and  relaxed supportive environment made it perfect for trying new things. As my enthusiasm peaked, my intentionally modulated speech got quicker and the Boston accent thicker. I became ‘Valley Girl’, talking a bit about my career as a marketer and self appointed advocate for the City of Haverhill,  a bit about my role as an interviewer for CBS reality television auditions, and we shared our opinions on whatever came up then wandered down rabbit holes as they presented themselves. (Lou was asked to be on the reality show ‘Wife Swap’?!?!?!)

I’m going back to the studio next Thursday to fill in the stories left unsaid, but I’ve no desire to curb the natural flow should the conversations go in different direction. That’s how it is with ‘Valley Girls’.

IMG_8543 Valley Girls w Lysa Pelletier and Leslie Buresch and producer Lou
Lou Blasi patiently listens behind his plexi glass enclosure

I’m thinking I better pull together a fab outfit by next week. Things to remember – it gets hot and humid in the studio, headsets wreck hair dos, and until I can get to the salon, I better find cool and closed toe flats. Lysa doesn’t want to see any feet without pedicures.

IMG_8004 Haverhill WOW Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce GHCC.JPG
Lysa Pelletier photo stylist/wardrobe consultant with Gina Barreca author/humorist/feminist at the GHCC WOW Conference for women where they were both speakers.

Maybe I should call Lysa for pre-show style advice. Do you know she rents herself out to make over your closet into a fashion mecca rather than a hoarder’s dirty and disorganized secret shame? She’ll clean out your closet, keep the best, arrange what’s left and shop with you or on your behalf to find the necessary pieces for a perfect ‘go to’ wardrobe. Can you imagine how fast you could get dressed if you didn’t have to wade through the ‘might fit one days’, the ‘I swear this style is coming backs’, the ‘there’s a little tear but I can fix thats’, and the concert tee-shirts from the 90s that are snuggling up next to your old bridesmaid get ups? But am I really ready to give up my ceremonial shirt from Africa that was given to me in high school? Why can’t I summon my “Sure Why Not” spirit now?

To see Lysa’s beautiful work as a stylist for top brands and magazines, go to her agent’s page Lysa Pelletier/Team Artist . Contact Lysa directly via:, 617-285-0797

A link to the Valley Girls radio program will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Check back soon.

(c)Alison Colby-Campbell

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