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“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” John 14:27

DSC_3550 Hampton.Rye Waves pre Joaquim Hurricane Oct 3 2015

The clouds first skirted the edges of the horizon. Maybe it would miss us.

Then the dark slowly gained intensity turning what should have been midday to a threatening dusk. The skies were accumulating the strength needed to expel the rain. Pelting the foot scalding hot top with fat, heavy, pain inducing, leaf tearing drops.

IMG_2074 drivng home from tians 2013 in fog and rain and winds 60mph.jpg

My mind was equally dark gathering clouds and sticky cobwebs that refused to let me think new thoughts just the old ones over and over again.

I needed peace and teased out the answer.


0 IMG_9072 Jon and Me Hurricane Sandy - Copy

The rain never bothered me anyway…

Beautiful day.

(c)Alison Colby-Campbell




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