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Why I go to the 2nd most convenient Post Office – Customer Service

There are three post offices in Haverhill, Massachusetts and a huge number of folks put the extra mile (in my case it’s closer to two miles) on their cars to visit the second most convenient location because of Steve Eldredge (sp?) and the team that works there. The Bradford Post Office is at 135 S Main St, Haverhill, MA 01835.

IMG_6705 Haverhill Bradford Post office new stamps
Steve Eldredge showing off the new eclipse stamp at Bradford Post Office in Haverhill

Growing up I always thought getting a letter in the mail was just about the coolest thing. I even created a club with my grandmother so we would send letters to one another, even though we saw each other weekly. This was a 2 person club, no sisters, brother or cousins were in it. I don’t know what I wrote, but she always ended her letters with “Wee love you”, just like that with the extra “e”.  And I felt super special.

IMG_6710 Haverhill Bradford Post Office eclipse stamps
The warmth of your thumb turns the black  circle into the moon on this new stamp.

Times change and now it’s all about instant gratification – heck I can find out what my friends and family had for a midday snack the instant they have it, but a card to hold on to, to be able to reread for its comforting and personal message, there still has to be some room in the world for that. In fact I think it’s even ‘special-er’ these days. So I send stuff in the mail because it feels good to get stuff in the mail, and because it’s actually mood elevating to visit the Bradford Post office and check in with Steve.

IMG_6712 Haverhill Bradford Post Office Stamps
Aren’t these new Protect Pollinator stamps gorgeous. Not available til Aug 3, though.

Today’s visit was brought about by the concern that an almost over-sized envelope may have needed extra postage.  Steve quickly assured me it didn’t. I thanked him and got ready to leave when he said – “hey wait, want to see my new stamps?” Last time I was in I searched through all the stamps for the perfect addition to my husband’s birthday invitation. Star Trek stamps were the ultimate choice. I don’t visit all that often but maybe Steve remembered that exchange. If not he was just excited about the latest designs that arrived and wanted to share. Either way, what a great representative of the Post Office.

There are some super cool stamps available. The latest in patriotism, state pride for Nebraska, sport balls, even sharks for Shark Week. These are just plain fun! I had two favorites: The Total Eclipse Stamp that is like a mood ring; you put your thumb on it and the black circle reveals the moon when the heat of your hand warms it up. I also got a preview of a stamp that will be released in a week – the Protect Pollinators stamp with flowers, bees and butterflies. These are gorgeous. I didn’t even need stamps but I wanted them both. He said I had to wait for the Pollinators, that was the rule.

I was having so much fun and was so impressed I said “Coming here has been the highlight of my day. May I take your picture with the new stamps?” He said “sure”. All too soon the brief lull in the post office ended and he attended to other customers with that same amount of good cheer and enthusiasm.

THOH Haverhill Bradford Post office Fullscreen capture 7262017 84125 PM
Reached out to my The Heartbeat of Haverhill readers to find out the name of this awesome postal employee, and it blew up the Haverhill internet.

When I wanted to write this post tonight I realized I only knew his first name. So I turned to my ‘The Heartbeat of Haverhill‘ FB page, posted his picture and asked “who knows his name?”

In the hour or so that it took me to write this post and edit the pictures, in a city of 62,000 people, the results of the Steve Eldridge post were:

  • 4,200 people reached
  • 108 Likes and Loves
  • 58 glowing comments.

And theses numbers continue to grow! Steve Eldridge is a ROCK STAR!

UPDATE ON 7/28/2017 9AM (Based on the quantity below that’s the equivalent of 1 in 6 people for the population of Haverhill reached by the FB post)

Haverhill Bradford Post ofices update Fullscreen capture 7282017 90121 AM

It was kind of interesting that Steve couldn’t get the eclipse stamps to work, although I could. He guessed it was because of his cold hands. That statement reminded me of my grandmother again. She always said  – “Cold Hands Warm Heart”. And that pretty much sums up Steve. How do we get this guy some recognition and maybe a raise or a role in a movie, he’s got the appeal and obviously the fan base.

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