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What’s on Your DeskTop?

DSC_4978 Haverhill desk in living room brain4rent

What’s on your desk top? For years I’ve wanted a phrenology head to be part of my office for Alisons Brain4Rent, and finally a compulsion to enter a consignment shop called In a Blue Moon in Haverhill brought me face to face with my dream, and it is also a piggy bank! How appropriate for a business, and SOOO much less expensive than the antique version I bid on unsuccessfully at an estate sale. I can put all the money I saved right back in this bank, though I’m not sure there’d be room. Light bulb on – in this instance, I did not need the antique to enjoy the concept.

Admittedly this is my ornamental desktop with the drop down leaf and tidy shelves. It is not the work desk slab overwhelmed by paper and earring singles, cameras and memory sticks, magazines and newspapers (mostly about my fabulous City of Haverhill, MA), business cards and note taking books. Years ago I’d read that a messy desk is a sign of genius, and I didn’t want to lessen my mental ability  or any visitors’ perception of it by tidying up.

Also on my desktop – two artworks by Nissi Campbell, the original fox illustration on loan from Leisa Campbell, and ceramic pomegranate. Plus the gorgeous, handcrafted, blown glass jellyfish, a gift my husband bought at Annies in Newburyport.  And per usual, stray rabbit hairs from our free wandering beasts.

What do my two desks say about me — well I compartmentalize (true), I can be messy or not, I love and am very proud of my kids’ talents. I picked a thoughtful and romantic husband. I believe original art and artists are important. Big fan of animals, Newburyport (where I got married), and deep and occasionally shallow thoughts.  And I am a genius about half of the time who thinks saving change is important.

What tales is your desk telling? Without rearranging, take a picture of your desk and post it here in the comment section so we can learn about you.

(c)Alison Colby-Campbell



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