The Last Fishing Trip and Why I Love Haverhill

I wrote this about Haverhill, MA the City that made a huge impact on my dad’s last days. It was originally posted on my blog The Heartbeat of Haverhill. But the sentiment is universal so I am sharing it here. To expand the number of people who get to hear of my gratitude. This City can be such a blessing.

The Heartbeat of Haverhill

DSC_9397 HAV Alison Colby-Campbell Dad Fishing Plug Pond Josh Penney Gerald Sewell and Brian

Josh, Gerald, Dad, Brian

My dad, Walter Colby, is 93 and receiving hospice care. Every day as I was writing a newspaper article about trout stocking and fishing in Haverhill, MA, I’d tell my dad what I learned. He and I used to fish when I was very young and it was good to include his knowledgeable perspective. As part of my research, I contacted Mass Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to get some more info for my story. Marion Larson answered my questions, and my father’s and then connected me with John Sheedy.  John was stocking a couple of rivers in Haverhill and I was invited to meet up to watch the process. John told me that they were stocking Haverhill’s Lake Saltonstall, Plug Pond as the locals call it, the following Tuesday. It was beyond the deadline for my article, but I asked if I could bring my…

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