Ice Fishing Adventure

Yesterday’s big adventure….I’d been trying for a few weeks to find someone fishing on Canobie Lake for an article my publisher wanted on ice fishing for SalemLife Magazine. 4th time’s the charm.

And speaking of charms…the minute I showed up each one of the 3 people that I approached while fishing caught something, and it was nearly instantaneous. I chased after them awkwardly shuffling the far distance from flag to flag as they reeled em in, keeping them above water for the shortest amount of time. The last guy put his trout in my hands. It was warm and soft, and felt far too much like a pet to me, despite the slippery factor. I pretty nearly named him, but instead let the fisherman return it the water.

IMG_1307 SAL NH (c) Alison Colby-Campbell Ice Fishing Canobie Lake Alison Colby-Campbell w rainbow trout.jpgI don’t fish anymore though I did as a kid, with my father. This experience made me feel like my dad (avid fisherman who passed last year) was giving me the article I needed. Next stop – the Salt Caves. Catch the full story mid-month in Salem Life.

(c)Alison Colby-Campbell

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