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Living life in love and joy – Celebrating Potential

DSC_0150-1 (2) Alison and Jon Wedding invite heart rock 2008
This photo was taken on Hampton Beach and incorporated into our wedding invitation 11 years ago. I literally brought the rock I found in Maine to the beach. Photo (c) Alison Colby-Campbell – 
Yesterday, both my husband Jonathan and I received the potential for good news. Nothing confirmed yet but it was nice to be excited about our separate things. Typically I would say, “don’t jinx it, don’t talk about it, don’t get too excited, temper your enthusiasm”.
But yesterday we tried a new tact. When Jon got home from work, I was all dressed up and suggested cocktails outdoors somewhere. We were going to celebrate ‘the potential for good news’. We ultimately went out for dinner to a favorite spot of ours that we save for more special occasions.
To some it may seem like setting the bar pretty low, motivated perhaps by several consecutive trying years. But I highly recommend this strategy any time. And here’s the cool thing about my newly invented philosophy – if nothing comes of this and either one or both of us is disappointed, we will have a happy memory of a really nice dinner where we were both excited about the future, and if something goes right, we will have a happy memory of a lovely dinner and good news to share.
So folks, take the joy where you find it and celebrate simple things –  even just the potential for good news.
Living life in love and joy, Alison
Photos and text (c) Alison Colby-Campbell

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