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Was this a bird-brained purchase? What would you do?

Hello wonderful creative super sleuths. I could use an assist. When Bldg 19 (Good Stuff Cheap) discount stores were winding down their business (they closed in 2013), I purchased these giant, new, unstuffed long-legged fantastical birds and fairly normal bovine toys or maybe puppets.

Details.. plush bodies with wire frame-work for neck and body, except cow has no wire. Jumbo birds are between 8-9 ft, smaller bird maybe 4 ft tall. Cow about 2 ft maybe a bit taller tail to horn. It appears as if the long floppy legs might have intended to always be floppy and unstuffed. They are labelled Great American Toy Company, Inc. Though they have original labels there is no UPC code. Seems like Great American Toy Company may be out of business, and that they had a recall of stuffed crabs because the wires were dangerous. But I haven’t found a single image that looks exactly like any of my creatures.

Thinking that with all the events we plan professionally and personally, they would come in handy. I mean 9′ tall birds guarding the entrance to a tropical themed event, how fabulous. Aside: Now I want a birthday luau. I purchased them and placed them in a protective trunk on the attic. I was cleaning the attic for an article I am writing for regional papers on spring cleaning and was reintroduced to my flock leaving me with many questions…

Questions are…Were they puppets, or stuffed animals? Where were they sold? Do they have any value? And perhaps the most important question…. what cool things can you imagine being done with them? Only family friendly suggestions please. Thank you for your input.

Photo & Text (c) Alison Colby-Campbell

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