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#CrazyLampLady’s Craziness is Infectious.

I follow #CrazyLampLady on YouTube. She’s a vintage thrifter who stalks the stock at Goodwill and antique malls in Pennsylvania. I believe her name is Jocelyn and flips a lot of minimally priced decorative pieces for a profit. She works on quantity with up ton2 dozen new items flipping in eBay every day.  She loves art glass, esp. Murano. 

Decorative glass is  not even my thing, but I couldn’t stop myself from angling into a booth, moving a display around and flipping over this glass duck that I found while waiting for a fried fish sandwich in a seafood shop.

Sideways glances and curious stares from diners and staff alike didn’t deter me.

I failed to find a makers mark in the not great lighting. Not 100% sure I knew where to look. I just knew I was supposed to look confident and flip the bird over.

Lacking a plan if I did find a mark, I realized that I am in fact an embarrassment.

Photo & Text (c) Alison Colby-Campbell

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