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Feast of the 3 Saints is After All a FEAST

If there is anything I remember about my Italian stepfather it was him saying after every pant busting, dozen course meal "Did you get enough to eat?"

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Follow the Light – Visiting Lighthouses in New England & Nova Scotia, Canada

Lighthouse people are as proud of bagging lighthouse visits as hikers are of bagging peaks. We are both "experience hoarders". And the experiences aren't all that different.

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Christmas Tree Rant 2013

And then the whining begins "it's not a real tree if it's outdoors."

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No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Trees

Any strip mall parking lot offers trees for sale now, but as a kid, Christmas tradition included packing the car with 4 kids and dog to build memories at the tree farm. Out in nature, family together, frosty air – a carol in the making except that through some sort of physics and perspective anomaly,… Continue reading No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Trees

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Apple Picking Etiquette


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Leap of Faith – Unusual Jobs in Aviation at SkyDive Pepperell

Considering a job in Skydiving? Consider this -Upon departing a flying plane, the average human body falls approximately 120 miles per hour.

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WHAT’S IN YOUR JUNK DRAWER? 5 Unexpected Items Justify My Junk Drawer’s Existence

My junk drawer is a visual masterpiece, a virtual kaleidoscope with colors and shapes shifting throughout my search for scissors…ah, yes, that’s what I’d been looking for.

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Top 10 Worst Excuses for Candy – Ever.

This is about really stupid candy – the candy that if left open, unsupervised, out of the sight of others, within arm’s reach, on a day when I hadn’t had a chance to eat for 12 hours, I still, (most likely) wouldn’t eat it. I don’t even have particularly high standards for calling something “candy”: it must be edible, have some level of sweetness, be deemed more of a treat than a trick when eaten.