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Hold On to Your Dreams or Give Them Up, As Needed

Have you lived through the experience of giving up on a dream? If so, how/when did you decide to pull the plug, to resort to Plan B, to fall back on the safety net? And, do you regret that choice?

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The IKEA Effect or Why You Love Your Kid and I Love My Vest and My Rabbit

It is entirely possible that we do not give our children the best of everything because we love them, but rather we love them because we gave them everything.

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WHAT’S IN YOUR JUNK DRAWER? 5 Unexpected Items Justify My Junk Drawer’s Existence

My junk drawer is a visual masterpiece, a virtual kaleidoscope with colors and shapes shifting throughout my search for scissors…ah, yes, that’s what I’d been looking for.

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A Guy’s Guide to Valentines and the Meaning of Flowers

Guys as a species, tend not to be communicative, especially about feelings, so here’s your flower language tutorial. It's a virtual Rosetta Stone for the language of flowers

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Give Me More More More – 2013 New Year’s Resolutions (and how to make them work)

  If someone said to you that if you failed to accomplish (or at least be well on your way to accomplishing) a New Year’s Resolution by the end of the year, you would be prohibited from ever resolving to do it again, what would you resolve? Now, consider another stipulation -  you must resolve… Continue reading Give Me More More More – 2013 New Year’s Resolutions (and how to make them work)

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The Furry Factor – Transforming Pet Lovers into People Lovers One Animal at a Time

"In the company of the animals they really love, a) all people are much more likeable, and b) people are much nicer to the humans around them."

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Dream A Little Dream of Me – Dream Analysis through the Years

Last night I dreamt about: A billboard for hookers, naked Bill Cosby with a summer reading list, crashing a beauty pageant, pursuing my own TV show co-hosted with my tap dancing friend Betty Chambers, the cacophony of everybody singing different songs at the same time, and a slinky black dress worn over a Kelly green tee shirt.