Alison Colby-Campbell Photography    I am an opportunistic photographer sharing visual stories and beauty in the world around us. My website/blog showcases some of my images of people, animals, landscapes, cityscapes and other gorgeous things I happen upon.

Haverhill Cultural Council
The HCC is a member of the Mass Cultural Council and provides grants to fund small and large cultural activities in our community. I’ve been a member for four years.

Haverhill Life Magazine
Haverhill Life is a new magazine focusing on the good news in Haverhill and beyond. I am a contract writer and photographer for the publication.

The Heartbeat of Haverhill   My blog dedicated to the advancement and enhancement of Haverhill, Massachusetts, offering Good News About a Great City through stories and photography

The House Rabbit Network
Rabbits are a combination of the best parts of dogs, cats, and humans. Sad isolated lives in tiny outdoor cages have kept their amazing attributes a secret to most. They make fascinating, funny, fastidious and wonderful furry companions. We’ve shared our home with seven house rabbits over the years. Most recent cohabitants are Buzzy and Bongo. The House Rabbit Network is both a rescue and a resource for house rabbit lovers.

Interpreting Sight by Artist Ann Trainor Domingue  Ann Trainor Domingue successfully transitioned from full time creative director and part time artist to full time artist with pieces displayed in many galleries throughout the region. She is enamored of all things coastal and New England and her style is lighthearted, engaging and utterly her own.

Kim Hall Corton Freelance Graphic Design and Art Direction Kim Hall Corton designed my logo and the new look for this blog.  We first worked together on Nova Star, cruise ferry. Seeing her output on every possible item from menus to signage to boarding passes, billboards, and the shipboard magazine, I decided she’s a keeper, and we’ve worked together ever since.

MSPCA   Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals helps find homes for abandoned, abused and neglected animals and advocates on their behalf. Their services include veterinary, education, and adoption.     

Valley Girls Radio Digital radio program hosted by Lysa P and Leslie B full of girl power, guests, and hilarity. I’ve been a guest and a co-host on this super fun show that focuses on the Merrimack Valley.

Veterans Northeast Outreach Center    I share this link in the hope that someone needing help who has served our country can find what they need to live a purposeful life after leaving the military.