I love my new ‘brain’ (icon and logo) designed by Kim Hall Corton of Corton Design Group. Anyone willing to spend an hour with me trying to find the exact right tones of Crayola red/orange or is it orange/red and Koolaid purple because she wants to get it exactly as I’d envisioned is just a joy to work with. She pays attention to the smallest of details. Big love for Kim from both lobes of my cluttered brain.

IMG_8165 Boxford Merril Goat Yoga with Logan and Sloan

IMG_6657 Haverhill Alison Colby-Campbell and Elisabeth Brady of Modern Woodmen at Bradford Place Cafe

Provided a marketing consultation to Elisabeth Brady of Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial (Guess what it’s not about lumber jacks!) at Bradford Place Cafe.





Picking up my photography awards (2!) from Essex National Heritage Area. Personal goal to get Haverhill on the map for only the best reasons. Won the People’s Choice Award and best Urban photo. Check out Alison Colby-Campbell Photography to see more.

IMG_8547 Valley Girls w Lysa Pelletier and Leslie Buresch and producer Lou better

I was a guest on Valley Girls Radio show with Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs and Leslie Buresh. I actually returned another day as co-host when Leslie was unavailable.  So much fun!

IMG_8961 Haverhill THOH Breakfast Exchange Club speech PINS

Speaking gig at Greater Haverhill Breakfast Exchange Club that supports seniors in need. Love this group. Spoke about making a difference and developing awareness.


With the lovely Dawn Richards, I helped her bring her book The Cancer Table to fruition from a variety of her written sources. She helped me learn about grace with strength and made from scratch Italian meatballs.


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