DSC_0105 (2) HAV (c) Alison Colby-Campbell Fireworks in Haverhill 2019 Elaine Barker Jesus Ruiz Mayor Fiorentini and Alison

Can’t believe that I was among this trio to earn a volunteerism award as the 2019 Ambassador to the City of Haverhill on behalf of my efforts through photography and story writing about everything positive in our City as seen through my Facebook Page and Blog called The Heartbeat of Haverhill. This City gives me so much to work with! Thank you Mayor Fiorentini and the City of Haverhill. Also awarded were Elaine Barker another ambassador, and Jesus Ruiz who is working to keep kids out of gangs and off of drugs.


DSC_8013 (2)HAV (c) Alison Colby-Campbell Community Action Graduation and Celebration 2019

I was surprised and honored to be asked to be a keynote speaker at the Community Action Graduation in June along with the super impressive Javier E. Bristol, the executive director of Haverhill’s Boys & Girls Club. We are seen here with two of the graduates,  Jorge Medina and Ana Jimenz. I was so impressed with the students who recognize the value of education, and fight for their GED degree. So much effort and determination.


DSC_9060 (2) HAV (c) Alison Colby-Campbell Veterans Northeast Outreach w Modern Woodmen and Alison

Another honor in May – that is way over the top in my book. Thank you to Modern Woodmen Financial of Haverhill for selecting me as the Hometown Hero for 2019. The award was presented to me for believing in volunteering and being dedicated to community. The award was presented by Modern Woodmen Financial’s, Elisabeth Brady at the Mayor’s Office so people in attendance could see my photos, too. How thoughtful! Mayor Fiorentini called me the City’s best cheerleader. I’ll take that as a big compliment. So glad I could share the day with my husband, daughter, mother and sister, too. And that of course led to family dinner in Haverhill.

One of the best parts of the award was being able to select a charity that would receive a $100 donation in my name from Modern Woodmae. It took a little thought but then in honor of my dad a WW2 vet, I selected Veterans Northeast Outreach.

Thanks to Shawn Regan for the photos.


HCC Grant recipient Reception 2019 phot by Sue Lyn Leung 60679535_2250747048525422_9154595522953084928_n

HAVERHILL CULTURAL COUNCIL GRANT RECIPIENT RECEPTION – Nothing like an excellent team to make being the HCC Chair a rewarding job. This team really rocked it in putting together the program that saluted 28 grant recipients making Haverhill a better place to live, work, and get cultured! Like the HCC Facebook Page for program updates and application information.

This photo of our team with State Rep Andy Varga gives me a chuckle; we were all so stressed pulling off the event and trying to cover up any last minute changes and errors, and yet we were able to pull off a joyful picture with “jazz hands” when the state liaison from the Mass Cultural Council asked us to take a photo with the rep, but he was leaving in a short time….SMILE!

In this photo taken by grant recipient Sue Lyn Leung are L-R: treasurer Nate Webster, Susan Kane, Alison Colby-Campbell chair, Hartell Johnson vice chair, Rep Vargas, Kaitlin Wright secretary and Maura Tucker.

Alison Artist of the Month with Mayor Fiorentini 20190502_112725

CITY OF HAVERHILL ARTIST OF THE MONTH  May 2 and I was putting up my exhibit as artist of the month for the City of Haverhill when Mayor Fiorentini gave me an a citation for contributing to art and culture and the positive image of the city. Thanks to Mayor Fiorentini and his admin Lisa for allowing me this opportunity. Also to Elisabeth Brady from Modern Woodman Financial for recommending me.

There were 16 of my photos on display. I was sure to include many beauty shots of Haverhill because this city always amazes me with all the gorgeousness it has to offer. From this picture you might be able to see that I’d switched to wrapped canvases for many of my photos. I’d heard from several people that they consider frames part of the decor for a specific room and framed photos most likely have to be changed out for new frames. I always thought frames were created exclusively to showcase the art so that was an interesting perspective!

Alison and Logan Salt Caves image1 (2)

SALT CAVE ADVENTURE – Adventure seeking with my gal Logan. She’s such a good sport when it comes to trying out new things like Goat Yoga and in this instance a salt cave. I was writing an article for Salem Life Magazine on the benefits of salt caves, which was something I’d never heard of before. Those blush colored clumps on the walls behind us are imported Himalayan salt crystals, cut from the mountains to match an architect’s design for the space. You can read the article for more information Salem Life May issue see page 3

I had no guarantee that any other participants would allow me to interview them so I put a shout out to friends and family who might want to give it a try. Logan hopped on board in an instant. Hope there are many more adventures for this aunt/niece duo.

IMG_9807 (2) HAV (c)Alison Colby-Campbell Creatorpult Alison make THOH heart 3D pen

Took advantage of an Open House at a Makerspace Creatorpult  and tried using a 3D pen. I made a puffy lacy heart – in honor of my blog and FB page The Heartbeat of Haverhill. Unlike coloring which I find to be entirely stressful, this was quite relaxing. It’s basically like using a multicolored hot glue gun. The Heartbeat of Haverhill blog post tells you more. This is obviously my winter ‘go to’ sweater. And the yellow ‘bracelets’ are the plant based plastic that is going into the pen, and not a fashion statement.

IMG_8995 (2) HAV (c) Alison COlby-Campbell photo by Jon Rocknus gun safety class

If you don’t keep learning, you’re pretty much on the slow road to nowhere. So this peace loving vegetarian hippy chick, took a new class last week. Gun safety with laser target practice.

img_9907 (2) hav (c)alison colby-campbell riverside merrimack bank stabilization alison in hard hat

Tried on my first official hard hat and construction vest to tour the work being done to shore up the eroding banks of the Merrimack River at Riverside Park in Haverhill, MA, thanks to Pare Corp.’s Senior Project Engineer Ryan McCoy and onsite Engineering Consultant JP Nanni. Windchill minus 0-degrees. Wear layers they said and I did and ended up looking like the Michelin man. Or better yet a weeble that wobbles and hopefully doesn’t fall down.

IMG_3362 (3) HA Immigrant Mural w Alison Painting

Got a chance to participate for a tiny bit in the #HaverhillImmigrantandOriginMural by #AlexanderGolob until they realized I can’t stay within the lines when painting. Back to my camera.Follow the progress of this amazing publicart piece Haverhill-Immigrant-and-Origin-Mural

IMG_9912 (3) HAV Alison Colby-Campbell Plug pond with Josh Penney 17yo Fox 25 Shawn Denoncour Christine McCarthy and Alison Colby-Campbell

@Fox25 called They wanted me to tell my story about my dad’s last fishing trip. They wanted also to meet the very impressive Josh Penney the young man that stepped right up to help out. I told them Josh was one of many esp including Constable Sewell, Gerald Sewell and Brian Joyce, the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife etc etc. I thought the interview would give me a chance to say thank you again to all the wonderful Haverhill people who went out of their way to help my dad fish one last time. It was very emotional  since my dad passed a few weeks later on Memorial Day, but they are editing the story down to about a minute so maybe that will be cut out. Thank you so much to on air talent Christine McCarthy of Fox 25 and Haverhill raised cameraman Shawn Denoncour for working to make this as comfortable as possible esp since emotions were right near the surface for much of the interview. You all still fill my heart everyday when I need a boost after my father’s passing. Thank you. Program will air tonight at 11:14 pm in the news. Or at L-R Josh Penney, Shawn Denoncour, Christine McCarthy, and me. Thanks to Josh’s friend for snapping this picture on my camera.

DSC_8555 Haverhill Motorcycle Awareness Alison w Lance Blais Vietnam Veteran and former POW

March, April, and May are the most dangerous months for motorcyclists. There are many safe bikers out there hoping to enjoy a ride and stay safe. Keep an eye out for them, please, and they will do the same for you. I joined the rally in Haverhill MA, as a car driver not a bike rider (only ever been on one once) but I got to get up close and personal with this flashy fire breathing bike and its very patriotic owner Lance Blais a Vietnam vet and POW and a super cool guy. Thanks to Cindy Lee Hutchinson who took this pic when I handed her my camera and invited me to the rally.

Alison and the Easter bunny 2018 29511436_974203106070030_8716506204346825051_n

Checked in with the Easter Bunny at A Sweet Affair in Haverhill. Photographer Stephen Levarity of Amesbury did a great shoot where all the models received A Sweet Affair ice cream when they finished posing. Kids and parents both left happy.

20180317_122310_HDR cropped

Representing the Haverhill Cultural Council with Hartell Johnson at the Mass Cultural Council Institute. Fab music, ideas, and people! Celebrating and reinforcing the Power of Culture.

DSC_4978 Haverhill desk in living room brain4rent

What’s on your desk top? For years I’ve wanted a phrenology head to be part of my office for Alisons Brain4Rent, and finally a compulsion to enter a consignment shop called In a Blue Moon in Haverhill brought me face to face with my dream. And it’s a piggy bank how great for a business, and SOOO much less expensive than the antique version I nid on at an estate sale. I fan put all the money I saved right back in this bank, though I’m not sure there’d be room. Also on my desk top – two artworks by Nissi Campbell original fox illustration on loan from Leisa Campbell, and ceramic pomegranate. Plus the gorgeous, handcrafted, blown glass jellyfish, a gift  my husband bought at Annies in Newburyport.

DSC_4824 HAverhill Dale Rogers Tom Brady GOAT sculpture at BattleGrounds

G.O.A.T. spotted in Haverhill.Celebrity sculptor #DaleRogersStudio toasted @TomBrady#12 by crafting a 6′ 200+lb G.O.A.T. sculpture. Sculpture waits at #BattleGroundsCoffeeCompany  Washington St, Haverhill for Tom. Anybody know how to get in touch with Tom to let him know??? My first time with a foam finger! GO PATS!

DSC_3705 Haverhill Riverside Park Snow Shoeing Cindy Lee Hutchinson

Yup. I tried snow shoeing for the first time this year for a Haverhill Life article. Thanks Cindy Lee Hutchinson for the lesson.

DSC_2447 Haverhill Ski Bradford Alison Colby-Campbell on Black Diamond Trail
Writing an article for #HaverhillLifeMagazine about trails in Haverhill MA led me here in 11 degree temps atop the Black Diamond Trail at Ski Bradford.  The trails opened Dec 16 for the 2017/18 season. So many layers I couldn’t bend my arms.  #ThisIsHaverhill
New adventures through writing articles. I am the average-middle-aged-not-in-perfect-shape  author encouraging exploration of Haverhill MA trails. For the November issue of @HaverhillLifeMagazine I discovered geocaching at Meadow Brook Conservation Area with this team who ranked from expert to never heard of it before.

IMG_1515 Haverhill Bradford Common Rotary Dog American Dog

Back at the American Dog Show at Bradford Common. Admiring the efforts of Melissa Cerasuolo, president of the Rotary Club who personally decorated the Rotary Club Dog. Could anything be more American? Loved it Melissa. And thanks to GHCC’s President Beverly Dunn Donovan for snapping the picture.

Alison at Bradford common 2 American Dog show set up photo by Stephen Arnold. 22491827_10210573995847684_8587286034802288027_n

Getting the Scoop on the American Dog Show at Bradford Common while the twenty (20) 8’x10′ dog sculptures by Dale Rogers are set up. Exhibit runs Oct 20-22 10a-5p and supports Cogswell Art Center and Sweet Paws Rescue animal rescue. Thanks for the photo Stephen Arnold.

Valley Girls Alison Lysa Leslie Oct 2017 Fullscreen capture 10172017 85357 AM

Valley Girls Appearance talking about real haunted places

Invited back to guest on Valley Girls Radio last week with Lysa and Leslie and Lou. We were supposed to talk about all things happening in Haverhill, but instead got fixated on an article I wrote for the Oct issue of Haverhill Life Magazine about my ghost hunting adventures with Tom Spitalere and Hilldale Cemetery. This of course was after deep discussions on the word skivvies, the tv show Ozarks, and Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs‘ middle school diary post.

IMG_0756 Women's City Club Of Haverhill 100th Anniversary
Women’s City Club of Haverhill 100th Anniversary. Front Row L-R: Muriel Boles, Alison Colby-Campbell, Ginny Thurston (past President), Ken Thurston.  Back Row L-R: Marjorie Wood (President), Peter Carbone, Mayor Fiorentini, Pastor Frank Jewett

Felt like I got upgraded from the kids table at Thanksgiving, just not quite sure what I did to deserve the unexpected honor of being seated at the President’s Table at the Women’s City Club of Haverhill’s 100th Anniversary. It was also the “Guy’s table”, as it was the only table to have gentlemen. I was there representing Haverhill Life Magazine (I am a regular contract writer for the publication) and while many people came up to me to express how much they like the new publication, they also wanted to talk about my personal contribution to the City, The Heartbeat of Haverhill blog and Facebook page.  What a wonderful fun loving warm group of women! And they all looked so elegant.


I love my new ‘brain’ (icon and logo) designed by Kim Hall Corton of Corton Design Group. Anyone willing to spend an hour with me trying to find the exact right tones of Crayola red/orange or is it orange/red and Koolaid purple because she wants to get it exactly as I’d envisioned is just a joy to work with. She pays attention to the smallest of details. Big love for Kim from both lobes of my cluttered brain.

IMG_8165 Boxford Merril Goat Yoga with Logan and Sloan

IMG_6657 Haverhill Alison Colby-Campbell and Elisabeth Brady of Modern Woodmen at Bradford Place Cafe

Provided a marketing consultation to Elisabeth Brady of Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial (Guess what it’s not about lumber jacks!) at Bradford Place Cafe.


Picking up my photography awards (2!) from Essex National Heritage Area. Personal goal to get Haverhill on the map for only the best reasons. Won the People’s Choice Award and best Urban photo. Check out Alison Colby-Campbell Photography to see more.

IMG_8547 Valley Girls w Lysa Pelletier and Leslie Buresch and producer Lou better

I was a guest on Valley Girls Radio show with Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs and Leslie Buresh. I actually returned another day as co-host when Leslie was unavailable.  So much fun!

IMG_8961 Haverhill THOH Breakfast Exchange Club speech PINS

Speaking gig at Greater Haverhill Breakfast Exchange Club that supports seniors in need. Love this group. Spoke about making a difference and developing awareness.


With the lovely Dawn Richards, I helped her bring her book The Cancer Table to fruition from a variety of her written sources. She helped me learn about grace with strength and made from scratch Italian meatballs.


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