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What a Wonderful Night for a Moon Dance – Full Moon Inspired Haiku & Photographs Aug 2

Left Wal-Mart tonight in a hurry to get home, but found myself mesmerized by my old friend, Moon. A moon so exceptional it needed to be shared with my friends. In the minute it took to untangle my ever-present camera from the bottom-of-the-purse detritus, a few fabulous clouds had escaped my lens. Others moved in and in what seemed like seconds, the shutter clicked off a few dozen individually… Continue reading What a Wonderful Night for a Moon Dance – Full Moon Inspired Haiku & Photographs Aug 2

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EMBRACE PROHIBITION (Bottle Trees – A New Englander’s View)

"Bottle Trees at first glance seem like an environmentalist’s dream (all those bottles kept out of the landfill), and a neighbor’s nightmare I called “junk on a stump” masquerading as art." Alison Colby-Campbell

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Keep on Truckin’ – High Art on the Highway

We were in Mississippi last week, and as we refueled our rent-a-car my husband went to pay and get sodas. I edged to the door and then out of the car, drawn to a rainbow. Finding the passenger seat empty upon his return, he guessed where to find me. I’d walked through some ratty weeds and… Continue reading Keep on Truckin’ – High Art on the Highway

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Fashion Backward

Next time you see some young man with his droopy drawers exposing his fruit-of-the-looms’ label (and more) or a maximum bust crammed in the most cringe-inducing minimum top, you may feel that the entire American public is on the verge of a costume malfunction.

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The Oscar Grouch: The Peaks, Valleys, and Pains of the Academy Awards

But my lack of experience with the contenders, doesn’t in the least diminish my ability to judge the awards show program.

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Selling Christmas – Best and Worst of Holiday TV Commercials

Nothin’ says Christmas like a mad dash to the mall. At least that’s what the “Holiday” ads will tell you. And for the most part true emotion, religion and family are so removed from the holiday (better not call it Christmas)that ads try to exploit whatever they can to create some sort of visceral reaction from viewers. It is not, however, always their intended reaction. Here is my list of the best and worst of holiday ads over the decades.

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Lend Me Your Ear (Where to Find the Best Corn)

The exact varieties of corn the Barker’s plant are a secret. But on April 15 every year they start to plant four or so different versions of butter and sugar corn (yellow and white kernels on the same ear). The different types allow for earlier and later harvests to span a long season.