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If I two-step they will come, well, maybe

Throughout my marketing career, I've had enough experience with crowd mentality to know, unless there's a prize at stake, most people don't like to go first.

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Flotsam & Jetsam of the Radio Waves gig as a guest on a radio show where nothing is scripted and predictability is for cowards

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What’s Love Got to Do with Tennis?

What I love about tennis: a 20-something with all the stamina, energy, clear vision and healthy bones in the world can be whipped by a 70-year-old hip replacement candidate with angles and finesse.


Right Brain, Left Brain, No Time

A bout of insomnia got me out of bed around 4 am looking for a quiet, useful way to waste the hours until the rest of my minimally-peopled world awoke. The rabbits attacked and twisted and turned between my shuffling feet, recognizing the opportunity, correctly, as another chance to mooch treats. I decided to accomplish what I keep postponing - I'm starting a blog