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Feast of the 3 Saints is After All a FEAST

If there is anything I remember about my Italian stepfather it was him saying after every pant busting, dozen course meal "Did you get enough to eat?"

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Suburban Myth – What’s Gnu in small town Massachusetts

I defy anyone from having a more bizarre experience than Jon and I did today.

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Apple Picking Etiquette

Eating the apple in Eden isn’t the only apple-based crime. After a recent trip to three orchards, I witnessed a dire need for a course on Apple Picking Etiquette. And so I present my list of the Top 10 "Don'ts" About Apple Picking.

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10 Excellent Adventures in Nova Scotia I’ve Visited and Can Vouch For (Part 1 of a 3 Part Series)

As a representative of Nova Star Cruises, I repeatedly get asked the same questions: "What is there to do in Nova Scotia? What is it like?"

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The Sun Goes Down on Some Old War Birds – World War 2 Planes

"Have you got a camera in your pocketbook? Hurry up, come to the Beverly Airport and see the light reflect off the Collings Foundation warplanes...and yes the one your dad flew on is here"

Barkers Farm No Andover MA

Lend Me Your Ear (Where to Find the Best Corn)

Lend Me Your Ear (Where to Find the Best Corn). I've been enjoying corn on the cob since July 21 and been remiss in not reposting my blog post about where to find the best corn in the universe!.....So if you want the best read on....

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Leap of Faith – Unusual Jobs in Aviation at SkyDive Pepperell

Considering a job in Skydiving? Consider this -Upon departing a flying plane, the average human body falls approximately 120 miles per hour.

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Pros and Cons of Pro Wrestling & Spoiler Alert: A Definitive Answer to the Question: Is it Real?

I witnessed something fairly disturbing, and it’s going to take some lengthy exposure at a classical art museum to flush those images from my mind. I watched Portable Pro Wrestling